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NOV 22, 2022

Love Drawing Powder, Spell & Recipe

LOVE DRAWING POWDER RECIPE & RITUAL Since antiquity, the use of powders has been an integral component in magic. Magical powders are made from combinations of roots, resins, gums, minerals,... Read more
SEP 06, 2022

How to Manifest Pt. 2 - The Manifestation Ritual

You will need: *Any Type of Manifestation or Abundance Oil*Sunflower Petals, Black Tea, Orange Peel or Blossoms, Cinnamon, & Ginger*Our Manifestation Candle (use an orange candle if you do not... Read more
SEP 02, 2022

How To Manifest - Preparing Before Your Ritual Pt.1

Clearing the mind, body and spirit from darkness and negativity opens the mind, body and spirit to receive light and positivity. Letting Go of bad energy opens space for good energy.      Read more
JUL 05, 2022

New Love Honey Spell

Love Honey Ritual You will need the following: Pink or red taper or chime candle Chuparrosa Oil Picture of yourself Firesafe plate (and candle holder if necessary) Honey Rose petals... Read more

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