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Welcome to our shop! Art of the Root is a small, hands-on spiritual apothecary. We make everything we sell. Products like Conjure Oils, Baths, Candles, Incense, Salts and Aromatherapy Blends are made to order, every day, by our small team. Our products are made with carefully selected, authentic ingredients.  

The founder of our shop is a scholar of spirituality throughout history. Her life’s work is centered around the study of folklore, magic, and the spiritual endeavors of humans since the earliest of times. As she creates “new” blends based on ancient recipes, she shares her knowledge with the shop. So much so that, at various times, each team member has been instrumental in creating foundations for some of Art of the Root’s original products. Not only is her knowledge shared with team members, but via Art of the Root’s blog, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel, everyone has access to this spiritual knowledge.  

We believe in empowerment, self-care, and that anything is possible. We create our products with care and intention, using the highest quality herbs, oils, and resins. Everyone at Art of the Root wants to help you manifest your goals and desires so that you can achieve anything. Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. By making, packing, and shipping everything we sell we can assure that all products are fresh, made with intention, and ready to help you on your spiritual journey.

MAY 28, 2023

Magical Properties of Mugwort & How to Use It In Magic

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MAY 24, 2023

Kitchen Witchery for Love, Abundance & Healing

Witches are everywhere! Even in our modern world, on a daily basis, we encounter people who concoct magical potions with the use of herbs and intentions for healing, love, and... Read more