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About Us

We are a small boutique new age shop that features an array of hand blended products such as incense, oils, lotions, aromatherapy blends, body spray, bath salts, herbal soaps, perfumes and candles. We are also history lovers! Many of blends are influenced by past cultures and we definitely do our research. Whether its European folklore or Ancient Egyptian Magick, we are constantly looking for some fabulous blends to add to our repertoire. Most importantly, we always make sure to add herbs and essential oils to all our blends.

DEC 04, 2022

How To Use Crystals in Magic

When practicing magic, you want to harness specific energies from crystals and other sources, such as herbs and essential oils, to achieve your goal. Crystals and magic work harmoniously to help manifest your intentions. Read more
DEC 03, 2022

How to Cast a Protection Spell with Magical Incantations

This protection spell provides an energetic shield to halt an attack and repel its influence. Borrowing a method from late antiquity, most notably of Babylonian / Mesopotamian origin, our ritual employs a protective incantation bowl. This magical practice helps solidify one's intentions and produce the appropriate energy to manifest protective qualities. Read more

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