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    Explore our new collection of amulets, beads, and crystal jewelry. Sacred amulets, beads, and crystal jewelry have deep roots in ancient magic, spirituality and rituals and have been used by many cultures throughout history. These items are considered sacred magical symbols that can enhance one's intentions and have been used for protection, healing, power and countless other purposes over the years. Read More

    Egyptian talismans and amulets are thought to possess intention-enhancing energies including images such as the scarab, the wadjet (eye of Horus), the djed pillar and countless others. Similarly, prayer malas and other beads have been used in Buddhism and Hinduism to enhance spiritual practices by helping to deepen a spiritual connection and intensify focus.

    With their long history of use for protection and healing, crystals and gemstones have been included in many magical traditions. Each stone is believed to possess its own distinct set of metaphysical properties.

    Our new collection of amulets, beads, and crystal jewelry offers you a form of wearable magic. When charged and blessed with specific rituals, spiritual energy can be drawn to offer numerous benefits that you can now keep with you wherever you go. When it comes to magic, these sacred objects can serve as channels for energy so the manifestation of your intentions can be achieved. Shop the collection to find your magical symbols and begin feeling the energetic benefits they can provide.

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