Herbal Baths, Washes & Lotions


    Spiritual baths and ritual cleansing have been practiced for centuries to help change or enhance energies in a space and manifest intentions.  Made with Natural Sea Salt, our Herbal Bath Salts are loaded with essential oils, herbs and resins; perfect for ritual baths, soaks, making washes, or simply to change or enhance the energy in a room. 

    Our Ritual Floor Washes and Spiritual Washes are handmade by simmering herbs and resins that correspond to each individual intention and then we blend in essential oils. Use our Ritual Floor Washes and Spiritual Baths to wash down your walls, floor, furniture or anywhere you need a shift in energy. Whether your interest lies in Hoodoo, Voodoo, Conjure, Santeria, Wicca or Pagan rituals, our handmade Herbal Bath Salts and Ritual Floor Washes have been carefully designed to incorporate the necessary magical properties to help you achieve all your desires in love, luck, money, success and happiness. Not sure which to choose? Reach out to us and we can help you select the perfect one! All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

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