Jezebel Shea Herbal Soap for Attracting Wealthy Men & Business Success

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Our Jezebel Herbal Shea Soap is based upon the traditional Louisiana Hoodoo oil known to attract wealthy men, marriage proposals, and encourage successful business endeavors. It is believed to provide women with an advantage in both romantic and business relationships. It's perfect to use when one wishes to control situations that involve relationships with the opposite sex. Reportedly, it was used by prostitutes as a means to draw in rich clients. Each bar is approximately 4 oz.

What does Jezebel Herbal Shea Soap do:

  • Aid women in achieving business and financial success.
  • Draw in wealthy men and encourage marriage proposals.
  • Afford women the upper hand in negotiations and decision-making.
  • Promote the strength and domination of women in matters of love and business.


What are the ingredients in Jezebel Herbal Shea Soap:

Our Jezebel Soap simply would be useless without the fabulous magical effects of the actual Jezebel root which we include in each and every bar. We also add calamus, patchouli, gentian, witch grass, rose, master of woods, and other potent herbs and oils. 



Sold as a Curio. Keep away from children and pets. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Kay the nurse
The goddess Kay

Thank you these products actually does work thank I make women very jealous of me men love me lol

Confidence at a high

Been feeling more confident using the soap and oil that I received recently. Great assistance with my self love journey and I also feel it’s helping with me being more open to receiving and being ready for love. Intoxicating smell as well.


Jezebel Shea Herbal Soap for Attracting Wealthy Men & Business Success

Thank you

Very good scent and leaves skin clean

This make guys call you

It makes guys call you ,text you (like a lot guys)and smells amazing !