Love Charms: Three Spells for Irresistible Attraction

Since ancient times, humans have used magic to compel love. Throughout the centuries, different cultures have used a variety of magical methods including spells, rituals, dolls, potions and charms. Compelling love magic is intended to bend someone’s will and influence their emotions.  The simple act of giving red roses to the one you desire is a kind of compelling magic that began in the 19th century and continues today. 

Using the practitioner's inner energy and connection to the spiritual realm, the goal in compelling magic is for the practitioner to create a metaphysical connection that affects another’s feelings and intentions. One of the more popular methods of compelling love magic is that of sympathetic magic. Sympathetic magic involves the idea that similar things or actions have a connection. This connection enables a practitioner to influence outcomes. This kind of magic works on the premise that one can get a desired effect by imitating that effect, or by using certain types of objects that are symbolically associated with the desired effect.  A classic example of sympathetic magic is that of the love charm. Love charms include personal items, specific actions, incantations, or symbols related to love. 

Warning, there are implications to this type of magic. I urge you to not infringe on another person’s boundaries. Always keep this fact in mind.

The following two charms are variations taken from George Lyman Kittredge’s Witchcraft In Old and New England, written in 1929

Make a Love Charm to Compel Someone to Come to You

You will need the following:

  • A red or pink candle (Get a candle without a vessel, like a pillar or a large charm candle)
  • 2 needles
  • Fresh rosemary, lemon balm, or vervain (You can use only one herb, or a mixture)
  • A fire-safe plate and candle holder
  • Come to Me Oil (optional)
  • A pen or nail to carve the candle with
  • Red string or thread
  • A pouch

Begin by carving the name of your target into the candle. Start carving at the bottom of the candle and carve up, toward the wick. After the name is carved into the candle, anoint it with Come to Me Oil. 

Very carefully, take one of the needles and push it through the candle.  Then, on opposite side of the candle, push the other needle through.  The needles will cross over each other. 

Put the candle in an appropriate candle holder.  Put the holder with the candle on a fire-safe plate. Suround the candle with the herbs.  I like to sprinkle the herbs around the candle in a clockwise manner.  

Focus on your love, and when you are ready, recite the following:

It is not this candle alone I stick

But (the name of target) heart I mean to prick

Whether he be sleep or wake

I’d have him come to me to speak.

After the candle has completely burned, take the needles out of the candle.  You will tie the two needles together with the red string.  Make sure the sharp end of one placed next to the eye of the other.  Put the tied together needles in the pouch along with the herbs. Keep the pouch hidden (under your mattress is a good place).

Love Charm with Dragon’s Blood (Great For Reconciliation Magic)

Not only is this ritual great for drawing in the one you want, but in my opinion it can be beneficial when you are seeking to reconcile with a lost-lover.

You will need:

  • Dragon's Blood Oil
  • Red Felt Fabric
  • A pair of sharp scissors
  • 3 straight pins
  • A fire-safe pan or pot
  • Matches

Ideally, this spell is performed on a Friday night, when the moon is in the waxing phase. To begin, cut out the shape of a heart from your red felt fabric. Take the three pins and stick them into the red felt so that each pin is facing toward the center of the heart. Now, pour the Dragon’s Blood Oil over the red felt heart. Put the oil saturated heart into your pan or pot. Focus on your love and believe that your love is coming to you.  When ready, light the heart and allow it to burn. While the heart is burning, recite the following charms:

Tis not this blood I wish to burn

But (name of target) heart I wish to turn

May he neither rest nor sleep

Til he returns to speak to me

When the heart is fully burned, the spell is complete. Take the remaining ashes and bury them in a churchyard.

Make a Compelling LOVE POWDER

This spell will help you create a compelling powder which will draw in your desired lover.

You will need:

  • Paper and pen.  (If you can get a hold of a pen with special significance to you, and beautiful, scented paper then do so.  If all you have is plain paper and a regular pen, that will work too).
  • Elecampane ground to a powder.
  • Vervain ground into a powder
  • Mistletoe ground into a powder
  • A small charm bag.  (You may want to create one for this spell.  If so, make it red or pink and adorn it with things like beautiful beads, lace or ribbons).

Do this spell preferably on a Friday night, when the moon is in the waxing phase. Start by taking a relaxing bath.  Add rosewater, rose petals, or anything to the bath that makes you feel sensual and desirable.  If you do not have a bathtub, take a shower.  In the shower you can sprinkle the rose water and petals on your head before you begin bathing. 

After your bath, write the name of the one you yearn for on the paper. When writing, imagine that the universe will send the one that you desire to you.  Feel free to write the name in fanciful script.

Next, take the paper and fold it toward your body, then rotate the paper once in a clockwise manner.  Do this two more times so that the paper is rotated and folded three times.  Before you place this paper into the charm bag, rub the paper on your body.  Start at your feet and work your way up toward your head. Now put the folded paper in the charm bag.  

Now, get the powdered elecampane, vervain and mistletoe.  Add three pinches of each to your charm bag.  As you are adding the herbs, believe that the universe exits with you and the one you yearn for in love. Close the charm bag and rub it on your body.  Again, begin at your feet and work your way up.  Anoint the charm bag with Love and Attraction Oil and pin it to the back of your mattress where it will stay for a week.

Every Friday night, while the moon is in the waxing phase, take the charm bag off of the mattress and repeat the bathing ritual.  After your bath, rub the charm bag up your body, anoint it with oil, then pin it to the back of your mattress. 

You will perform this ritual on Friday nights, when the moon is in the waxing phase, until you get what you want.


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George Lyman Kittredge. Witchcraft in Old and New England. Harvard University Press, 1929.




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