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NOV 22, 2022

Love Drawing Powder, Spell & Recipe

LOVE DRAWING POWDER RECIPE & RITUAL Since antiquity, the use of powders has been an integral component in magic. Magical powders are made from combinations of roots, resins, gums, minerals,... Read more
NOV 03, 2022

A Commanding Spell to Control & Compel

If you find the object of your desire is running around on you, or if your love interest ignores your little signs of affection, a simple commanding spell may get them back... Read more
OCT 31, 2022

A Money Spell for Fast Cash

With gas prices on the rise and food prices soaring, who couldn't use a little more cash in their pockets? This super easy money spell is perfect for those of you... Read more
SEP 21, 2022

New Moon Spell for Obtaining Your Wishes

The perfect positive energy you need to manifest always occurs during a New Moon phase. In this ritual, we plant the seeds of our intentions, then we cast them off to the power of the New Moon.  Read more

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