Lunar Magic: Four Spells for Moon Phases

While looking at the night sky, the moon is the first thing to catch your eye. Whether it’s burning bright in the night sky, or barely visible, humans are immediately drawn to the moon. Not only is the moon captivatingly beautiful, but it is the gravitational pull of the moon that makes planet earth habitable. Ocean tides, seasons of the year, and our day-to-day weather are all dependent upon the moon. It is no wonder then, that we witches perform our spells and rituals according to the moon’s phases. But which moon phase is conducive to the spell you want to perform? Using the moon phases chart below, let’s look at moon phases along with spells
suggested for each phase.



New Moon Spell:  Making Magic with the NEW MOON phase

This is the time when we want to perform spells and rituals aimed at new beginnings (in general), new business ventures, new love, and finding a new and better job. During a NewMoon phase, consider performing a Road Opener Spell. You will either need an orange candle, or you can simply work with Art of the Root’s Road Opener Soy Spell Candle.


How to Perform A Road Opener Spell During a New Moon

 To perform a Road Opener spell or ritual, write your petition on a piece of parchment paper (or use a brown paper bag if that is all you have). After the petition is complete, fold it in half, being sure to fold the paper towards you with the crease away from you. Now, turn it 90 degrees clockwise and fold it in half again. Make sure the petition is well folded and get it as flat as possible. Put the folded petition on a table or on your altar, and place the Road Opener Soy Candle on a plate. With the candle on the plate, put the plate directly on top of your petition.

When you feel ready, light the candle, and say a prayer or read Psalm 23. When finished, bring your ritual remnants to a crossroads (intersection) or if you prefer, bury them in a potted plant and keep it by your front door.


Waxing Moon Spell: Making Magic During a Waxing Moon Phase

The time after the New Moon, until the moon is full, we have the Waxing Moon phase. During a Waxing Moon, we want to perform spells and rituals that focus upon growth. Think about growing your finances or deepening the love you feel for your partner. Just as the moon is growing in size, so too do we want our love and money to grow! Whenever your goal is to
increase or enhance, think about performing your ritual during the Waxing Moon phase. While in this Waxing Moon phase, look at Art of the Root’s Abundance Oil and consider using it in candle magic to dress a candle.


How to use Abundance Oil in a Abundance and Prosperity Spell or Ritual:

Abundance Oil is a powerful tool in candle magic. Just get the appropriate color, such as a green candle for money or a pink one for love. Then anoint the candle with Abundance Oil, making sure you draw the oil up the candle and not down. Find some images of the things you desire and paste them onto a piece of paper. Dab each picture with a bit of Abundance Oil. Put the dressed candle in a candle holder and place it on top of your images. The best psalm to read while performing this ritual is Psalm 23. Recite Psalm 23, and don't forget to visualize! Bury your ritual remnants by your front door or in a healthy potted plant near your front door.


Waning Moon Spell. How to Make Magic During Waning Moon Phase

The Waning Moon phase is the time immediately after the Full Moon up to the time of the New Moon. During the Waning Moon phase, we perform spells and rituals aimed at lessening, removing and or banishing. This is the phase of the moon when we work to decrease harmful and negative influences in the world and in our own life. When you wish to expel unhealthy situations, people or even habits from your life, consider using Art of the Root’s Banishing Candle which was created to help banish negative people and/or situations.


How to perform a Banishing Spell to Remove Negative Energy, Situation, and/or People

 You need the following: 
- A fresh lemon
- ½ cup salt
- A piece of parchment paper or brown paper bag
- A pen
- A Banishing Soy Candle
- A firsafe plate

To begin, get your paper and write what you wish to banish three times. Next, get the lemon and cut it in half. Take the juice of the lemon and squeeze it over the paper in a circular motion. Do this in a counterclockwise manner. As you do this, state exactly what you wish to banish a total of 3 times.  Fold the paper in half, making sure you are folding away from your body. Turn the paper 90 degrees in a counterclockwise manner and fold the paper again. Do this 2 more times. 
Now, place the paper flat on your altar or table. Get a fire-safe plate and put the Banishing Candle in the middle of the plate. Take your salt and place it around the bottom of the candle. When ready, light your candle, state your intentions, and say a prayer or read Psalm 125.


Full Moon Spell: How to Make Magic During the Full Moon Phase 

The Full Moon phase calls for spells and rituals aimed at serious manifesting. When you desire to bring a situation to fruition and need that extra boost of power for critical situations which might involve finances, love, healing, or success, look to performing your ritual during the Full
Moon phase. Art of the Root’s Manifestation Mini Spell Kit for Goals, Dreams, Aspirations and Wishes is perfect to use during the Full Moon.


How to perform a manifestation ritual with Art of the Root’s Manifestation Mini Spell Kit for Goals, Dreams, Aspirations and Wishes.

Start by writing your petition on a piece of parchment paper(use a plain brown paper bag if you do not have parchment paper). In the petition,  write your goals, dreams, aspirations, and what you wish to manifest. Write in a direct and clear manner, and as you are writing, imagine that you already have what you seek. After the manifestation petition is written, take the paper and fold it in half. Be sure to fold the paper towards your body, with the crease away from your body. Then turn the paper 90 degrees, clockwise, and fold it in half a second time. Make sure the petition is well-folded and flat. Now, take a few drops of the Manifestation Oil and rub it around the top of the candle and the rim of the tin in a counterclockwise motion (going TOWARD yourself). While dressing the candle with the oil, recite your petition, focus on your wishes, and imagine your life exists with whatever you seek. Place the Manifestation Mini Candle on a plate and put the plate directly on top of the petition. Take a deep breath, exhale, and when you feel ready, visualize your manifestations, light the candle, and state your intentions out loud or say a prayer of your choice.



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