Top Five Money Drawing Oils for Success, Wealth & Prosperity

With today’s rising living costs, money has become a vital resource in our lives as it has the power to shape our realities and enable us to pursue our dreams. For centuries, many people seeking prosperity and financial abundance have turned to various spiritual and mystical practices. One of the most common methods includes the use of money drawing conjure oils. Blended with a series of unique herbs and oils, money drawing conjure oils are believed to harness spiritual energy and manifest your intentions. In this post, we will break down the top 5 wealth, success and money drawing oils related to manifesting financial security and prosperity. The ingredients in these oils, and how they can be utilized to enhance financial opportunities and attract prosperity is explored below.

Wealth Way Oil

Wealthy Way oil is a popular choice among those seeking financial success and abundance. Wealthy Way is a fantastic conjure oil to use in rituals and spells geared toward financial well-being and business success.  Typically, it is made of a combination of essential oils such as patchouli, cinnamon, and bergamot. The essential oils are believed to possess energetic properties that enhance luck, wealth, and financial opportunities. To use this oil, anoint it on your wallet, cash registers, business cards, or any items associated with money. If you choose to anoint your body with this oil, visualize money flowing effortlessly into your life. Wealthy Way Oil is a potent blend that helps to align your energies with the vibration of wealth.  We often recommend Wealthy Way Oil to those who wish to open doors to financial prosperity.

Money Drawing Oil 

This popular oil is designed to create a draw in money or cash, making it one of the most sought-after oils for financial abundance. Money Drawing Oils can contain a number of essential oil and herbs such as basil, mint, alfalfa, cinnamon and chamomile. A good Money Oil is believed to increase luck, abundance, and opportunities. To utilize its power, anoint your wallet, business documents, or even your hands before engaging in financial transactions or negotiations. The scent and energy of Money Drawing Oil is intended to enhance your confidence, attract prosperity, and inspire financial success. As you use this oil, visualize money flowing into your life with ease and gratitude.


Prosperity Oil

Prosperity Oil is another popular conjure oil that is used to cultivate an abundant mindset and attract financial success. Some of the more common ingredients include cinnamon, goldenrod, frankincense, orange blossom, and cedarwood. Known for their associations with wealth, success, and spiritual blessings, Prosperity Oil can be used for a wide variety of money and abundance related rituals and spells.  Try anointing your body, wallet, or any other important objects with this oil while focusing on the intention of inviting prosperity into your life. Prosperity Oil can serve as a powerful tool that can help shift your consciousness towards an abundant state of mind. This conscience shift will help you manifest financial opportunities. Try incorporating this oil into your daily rituals. In doing so you can affirm your belief that you have ability to attract wealth and create a life of prosperity.


Fast Luck Oil

Fast Luck is used when you find yourself in a situation where time is of the essence and immediate financial help is needed.  When situations such as these arise, Fast Luck Oil can be a valuable ally. This oil typically combines ingredients such as ginger, cinnamon, and patchouli and/or wintergreen, and many others that are known for their energetic properties that promote quick money flow. Anoint your hands, wallet, or any other objects associated with money to enhance the magnetic pull. Visualize your financial needs being met swiftly and effortlessly. Fast Luck Oil serves as a catalyst for financial abundance, especially during urgent situations or when seeking fast results.


Abundance Oil

When you need a versatile concoction to attract prosperity and abundance in various aspects of life, including finances, use Abundance Oil. This oil typically incorporates a blend of essential oils such as cedar, orange, bay and patchouli. These are renowned for their ability to uplift energies and create an atmosphere of abundance. Anoint yourself, your wallet, or your living space with this oil while focusing on gratitude and a sense of abundance. Allow the scent and vibrations of the Abundance Oil to align your intentions with the flow of prosperity. This oil is a powerful reminder to cultivate gratitude, appreciation, and a positive mindset, which are essential for attracting and manifesting financial abundance.


Conjure oils related to financial success have been used for centuries as a tool to enhance money making opportunities and attract prosperity. The five top money conjure oils discussed in this article – Wealth Attraction Oil, Money Drawing Oil, Prosperity Oil, Fast Money Oil, and Abundance Oil – offer unique blends of essential oils that harness the power of intention, energy, and natural properties. By incorporating these oils into your daily rituals and visualizations, you can align your consciousness with the vibration of wealth, abundance, and success. Remember, these oils serve as catalysts to support your efforts. Ultimately, your actions and mindset play a significant role in attracting financial prosperity. May your journey towards financial abundance be filled with blessings and success.

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