Candle Magic Basics: Colors, Ingredients and How to Perform A Spell

Candles are everywhere. They are so versatile! According to the National Candle Association, humans have used candles since the tenth century BC. That is when the ancient Egyptians made wicks from reeds, and then soaked them in a flammable material, like melted animal fat before lighting. These first “candles” may have looked more like torches, and they were used to provide light. Today, candles are used not only for light, but also for ambiance, scent, to set a mood, or in the practice of your craft. It should be no surprise then, that we here at Art of the Root love candles and we love Candle Magic! Not only do we make candles, but we work with them too. Because there are so many ways to incorporate candles into your practice, we get lots of questions about how to use them. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about candles.

What is Candle Magic?

We begin with the basics. What is Candle Magic? Candle Magic is the use of candles to help turn your dreams into reality, and to help manifest your intentions. Whether candles are used in a spell or ritual, placed on your altar, or even put on a birthday cake, Candle Magic is at work. Fire, color, scent, and botanicals all work together in Candle Magic to connect the spiritual realm to the natural world. Thereby creating powerful magic that tells the universe you mean business.

What Kind of Candle Should I Use?

At Art of the Root, we believe that the most commanding are made with the purest ingredients. The purer the ingredients used to make the candle, the more powerful the magic candle will be. That is why we use all-natural soy wax and cotton wicks to make our magic candles. It is worth noting that soy is not the only natural wax. Waxes, like bee’s wax, or wax made from palm or coconut are also natural waxes, and they may be suitable for making magic candles. Maybe most importantly, whenever possible, remember to avoid candles made with synthetic wax, like Tropsh/GLT and Alpha Olefin. Also, and for a variety of reasons, like smoke, benzene and respiratory discomfort, paraffin wax, which is a petroleum-based wax, should be avoided.

A naturally colored candle, that is made with all-natural wax and a cotton wick is suitable to use in any Candle Magic spell or ritual. Sometimes, however, “fixed” candles are preferred. A “fixed” candle is created to be used for a specific or “fixed” purpose. Magick candles become “fixed” by adding the purposeful magic properties of colors, crystals, and botanicals to the candle. For example, a “fixed” candle intending to help manifest romantic love might have love-related herbs, like rose petals and cherry bark, incorporated into wax that is dyed red. It probably will have a delicate floral scent, and it might be adorned with rose quartz or another stone associated with romantic love, like red jasper. Often used in conjunction with a spell or ritual, “fixed” candles are intended to burn for a certain number of days.

Can I Extinguish The Flame & Re-light My Magic Candle?


The two questions we hear most frequently are, “Can I extinguish the flame on my magic candle?”, and “Can I re-light my magic candle?” The answers to both questions are “Yes”, but with cavoites. There are specific stipulations and conditions that must be adhered to when extinguishing a flame during the course of a spell or ritual.

Each of our 9-ounce candles have a burn time of 50+ hours, and our 7-day candles have a burn time of many days. Furthermore, for the cleanest burn and safety reasons, we recommend not letting any candle burn continuously for more than 4 hours. Practically, and without regard for our burning instructions, most people have schedules that do not permit them to stay home for days on end, and we know it’s not safe to leave a burning candle unattended. So, what’s a witch to do?

When necessary, a witch should extinguish the flame on a magic candle with a candle douser or by another means which smothers the flame (like putting a fire safe plate on top of the candle vessel), taking care to never blow-out the flame. Blowing out a magic candle is akin to blowing away your intentions. It’s just something that witches do not do, especially while performing a spell or ritual.

Go ahead and re-light your magic candle when you’re ready. Ideally, a wooden match is used to light and to re-light a magic candle, but a lighter is fine, if that is all you have. Each time you light and re-light the candle, be sure to focus on your intentions. Envision your desires as if they already exist in the real world. You may want to say a prayer when lighting and re-lighting. Remember to do whatever you feel best focuses your mind, body, and spirit upon your intentions.

Do I Have to Perform a Spell or Ritual in Order to Light a Magic Candle?

Another question repeatedly posed to us by our customers is, “Can I burn a magic candle if I do not practice magic?” or, “Do I have to perform a spell or ritual in order to burn a magic candle?” Our response to these questions is always, “Of course not!” While lots of people use our candles while practicing Candle Magic, there are lots of people who just love the fragrance and beauty of magic candles. (And if you happen get a little love, money, or luck no one is complaining!).

What Color Candle Should I Use for My Ritual?



Look, it is just a fact of life. You might want to make your own candle. Or there may come a time when you need a candle for a specific intention, like love, money, luck, or power, and you just don’t have the time, or you can’t go out and buy one. As you are choosing candle dye color, or as you are looking at your candle collection, which color should you choose?

Just like certain herbs are associated with specific intentions, and just like certain scents are associated with distinct feelings and intentions, almost every color is associated with an intention. Our best suggestions for color meanings are as follow:

WHITE – Remember, a white candle can be used for any spell or ritual. Think of a white candle like a wild card; it can be used as a substitute for any color when needed. Use a white candle for rituals related to purification, cleansing and purity.

BLACK – Use a black candle in rituals related to protection. Whether you are protecting your mind, body or soul, or for the protection of another, use a black candle. We also like to use black candles in rituals related to uncrossing or reversing.

BLUE – We love to use blue candles in matters related to the cosmos, like moon magic. Rituals that promote peace, harmony and calmness also use blue candles.

PURPLE – Purple candles mean power! Use a purple candle in commanding spells, controlling spells or when you need to assert your personal power. Use purple in matters related to psychic powers and intuition.

PINK – Self-love, taking care of yourself, and playful love are all related to the color pink. Use a pink candle in matters of the heart that do not concern passionate love.

RED – We are talking about love, passion and sex with red candles! The color red is associated with romantic, passionate love. Think of red roses.

GREEN – Green is the color of money, and green candles are used in spells and rituals concerning financial wellness, getting and growing your money, and all-around financial abundance. Rituals that focus on money-related matters are typically referred to as money drawing spells.

GOLD – Gold candles are used in matters related to luck, especially monetary luck. When seeking to manifest wealth and riches, use a gold candle.

YELLOW – Happiness, friendliness, joy, success and positivity are all tied to the color yellow.

ORANGE – When seeking to harness the power of the law of attraction and when manifesting dreams and goals, use an orange candle.

Some witches may have color associations that are different than ours, and that is OK!

Now that you have the basics of Candle Magic under your belt get to work and start manifesting your dreams. Blessings!

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