How to Create A Honey Jar Spell for Love or Success

Honey jars are a captivating and potent tool in the realm of folk magic. They are used primarily to sweeten situations, relationships, and outcomes, drawing positivity and goodwill into one's life. Let's delve into the history of honey jars, their ingredients, the crafting process, and how to perform a honey jar spell to harness their full power.

The History of Honey Jars in Folk Magic

The use of honey jars can be traced back to ancient times, particularly within the African American Hoodoo tradition. Hoodoo, also referred to as conjure, is a form of folk magic that emerged in the southern United States, blending African spiritual practices with Native American, European, and Caribbean influences. Honey jars have been a staple in this tradition, revered for their ability to influence the energies surrounding personal relationships, legal matters, and overall well-being.

Honey jars work on the principle of sympathetic magic, where the qualities of the ingredients used are believed to influence the desired outcome. The sweetness of honey is symbolic of the sweetness and harmony one wishes to bring into their life. Over the centuries, honey jars have been adapted and utilized in various cultures and magical practices, proving their enduring appeal and efficacy.

The Power of Honey In Ritual Practices

Honey itself is a powerful substance in many magical and spiritual traditions. Known for its sweetness and preservative properties, honey has been used in rituals and spells to attract love, prosperity, and good fortune. Its natural stickiness is symbolic of the ability to bind and attract, making it an ideal component in spells aimed at fostering closeness and unity.

In ancient Egypt, honey was offered to deities as a sacred substance. It was believed to carry the essence of divine sweetness and was used in various ceremonial practices. Similarly, in Hindu rituals, honey is a part of Panchamrita, a mixture used in offerings and blessings. The universal reverence for honey across cultures underscores its powerful role in magic and rituals.

The Basic Process of Creating a Honey Jar

The core ingredient of a honey jar spell is, unsurprisingly, honey! However, it is important to remember the effectiveness of the spell is enhanced by incorporating other meaningful and symbolic items. Here are some common ingredients used in honey jar spells:

  • Honey: The base of the jar, representing sweetness and attraction.
  • Personal Concerns: Items such as hair, nail clippings, or bodily fluids that link the spell to the person it is intended for.
  • Petition Paper: A piece of paper with the desired outcome written on it, often folded and placed within the jar.
  • Herbs and Spices: Flowers like lavender for peace, orris root for love,  orange peel for attraction, rosemary for protection or basil for prosperity can add a natural element to your jar.
  • Symbolic Items: Objects that represent your intentions, such as legal papers for court cases, coins for financial prosperity, or photographs for relationship matters.

Once your honey jar is crafted, it can be used in various magical rituals to amplify its effects. Common practices include lighting candles on top of the jar, shaking it while focusing on your intention, or meditating with it to channel your energy into the spell. The key is to regularly interact with the honey jar to keep the magical work active and potent.

Crafting Your Own Honey Jars: Making it Personal


Honey Jar ingredients

The beauty of a honey jar spell lies in its personalization. By incorporating items that hold personal significance, you create a powerful link between the spell and your intentions. The more personal and specific the items, the stronger the connection and the more effective the spell. 

To craft a honey jar for love, you might include rose petals, a photograph of the person you desire, and a few drops of perfume or a conjure oil such Venus Love Oil or Love and Attraction Oil. You could add coins, a small piece of citrine crystal, and a pinch of cinnamon for a prosperity honey jar. The combination of these items creates a multi-layered spell that works on different levels to achieve your goal. Here are some examples:

Photographs or Drawings: Including a picture of the person or drawing symbols associated with your intention can strengthen the connection.

Crystals: Certain crystals have specific properties that can enhance your spell. For example, rose quartz for love, citrine for abundance, and smokey quartz for protection.

Written Affirmations: Small slips of paper with positive affirmations or prayers related to your goal can amplify your intentions.

Dried Flowers, Roots or Plants: Flowers like lavender for peace, orris root for love,  orange peel for attraction or basil for prosperity can add a natural element to your jar.

Colored Thread or Ribbons: The color of thread or ribbon you use can represent different intentions. Red for passion, green for money, blue for calm, and so on.

Conjure Oils: Specific oils that relate to your intentions can also be added. Oils such as Court Case Oil for legal matters or Abundance Oil for Prosperity.

Symbols of your Intentions: This can be anything you feel represents your intentions. For example, if you want to sweeten a relationship, you may add heart-shaped leaves or specific jewelry items such as rings or charms.

The Basic Steps of Performing a Honey Jar Spell

How to Perform a Honey jar spell

Once your honey jar is assembled, the next step is to activate it through a ritual. Here's a step-by-step guide to performing a honey jar spell:

Step 1: Preparation: Gather your ingredients and find a quiet, comfortable space where you won't be disturbed. Light a candle and take a few moments to center yourself and focus on your intention.

Step 2. Assembling the Jar: Begin by placing the petition paper at the bottom of the jar. Add the personal concerns and symbolic items on top. Finally, pour the honey into the jar, visualizing your intention as you do so.

Step 3. Sealing the Jar: Close the jar tightly and hold it in your hands. You may also wish to seal the jar with wax, but it's not necessary. Spend a few moments visualizing your desired outcome and channeling your energy into the jar. 

Step 4. Candle Ritual: Place a candle (colored according to your intention) on top of the jar and light it. As the candle burns, focus on your intention and recite a prayer or affirmation that aligns with your goal. Let the candle burn down completely.

Step 5. Working the Spell: To keep the spell active, interact with your honey jar regularly. Light a candle on top of it, shake it gently, or meditate with it while focusing on your intention. The more you work with the jar, the stronger the spell's energy will become.

A Sweetening Honey Jar Spell For Love

One of my favorite Honey Jar Spells is a Sweetening Spell for Love. This is a great example of how to combine symbolic ingredients and focused intention to strengthen a romantic connection or draw in a specific person.


-  A small jar of honey

-  A piece of paper and a pen

-  A pink candle

-  Two photographs (one of you and one of your intended love interest). 

-  Personal Concerns related to the target. Items such as hair, nail clippings, or bodily fluids that link the spell to the person it is intended for. If you are unable to obtain personal items of your target, write the target’s name on a piece of ginseng. 

-  Two needles

-  Red string

-  A cut-out felt heart

-  Dried rose petals

-  Jasmine

-  Catnip

-  Cinnamon stick

-  Brown sugar

-  A pinch of cayenne pepper (to heat things up)

-  A small piece of rose quartz

-  A few drops of Come to Me Oil or any other type of love drawing oil.

Start by writing your intention on the piece of paper, such as "May [Target's Name] desire me and and love me," and fold the paper towards you. Turn the petition to the right, and fold it towards you again. Repeat this one more time. Take your two needles and bind them together with the red string, placing them eye to eye, and pierce the felt heart with the bound needles. This symbolizes the emotional bond between you and your love interest. Next, place the photographs face to face with your love interest's photo on the bottom and your photo on top, then put them directly underneath the honey jar.

Now assemble your honey jar.  First, put the folded petition paper into the jar. Next, on top of the petition, add the Personal Concerns related to the target. Items such as hair, nail clippings, or bodily fluids that link the spell to the person it is intended for. (If you are unable to obtain personal items of your target, write the target’s name on a piece of ginseng - this will replace the personal concerns you cannot obtain).  Then add the dried rose petals, jasmine, catnip, cinnamon stick, brown sugar, cayenne pepper (just a pinch), rose quartz, and a few drops of Come to Me Oil. On top of the aforementioned, add the pierced felt heart with the bound needles. Now, pour the honey into the jar, and seal it with your intention for sweetness and love.  

While you are assembling the jar, be sure to visualize the strengthening connection between you and your love interest.  Imagine the world exists with you and your love interest as a couple. Complete the spell by lighting the pink candle on top of the jar while reciting an affirmation such as:

“As sweet as this honey, so sweet is the love between (target’s name) and me."

Let the candle burn down completely. You will want to repeat this weekly by lighting a pink candle and gently shaking the jar to keep the energies active. I tend to like to do this on Fridays as this is the day ruled by the Goddess Venus.

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