Five Love Herbs Every Witch Needs

When it comes to witchcraft and magic, love tends to be one of the top intentions, and for good reason. Love is one of the most profound emotions people experience. It’s no wonder then, that throughout history, people turn to magic when it comes to matters of the heart. Love drawing herbs, with their deliciously fragrant aromas, play a huge role in love spells. In this article, let us explore the top 5 love herbs every witch needs  

Rose: The Queen of All Love Herbs 

The Rose, with its beauty and alluring fragrance, is at the top of our list. Since ancient times Roses have been prized for their magical abilities when it comes to procuring love. Believed to have originated in Persia, Roses have made their way around the world. Roses are associated with the love Goddess Aphrodite. Legend has it that Cleopatra used Rose petals in her baths to entice Mark Antony. The Romans would crown brides and grooms with wreaths of Roses. During the Middle Ages, Roses took on symbolic meanings of chivalry and love. Roses are a common ingredient in love philters. 

Roses have magical properties that draw in love, boost desire, and help with  emotional healing. Their thorns represent the true might of the Goddess and, at the same time, her inherent beauty. It is believed that Roses magically open communication and promote deeper connections. Roses are also known to help to awaken oneself to compassion and empathy. Additionally, Roses heal tensions, and encourages passion between two people. 

Lavender: The Soothing Herb of Love

Lavender, derived from the Latin "lavare" (to wash), has been used in love magic for centuries. In love magic, Lavender attracts love and can increase passion. It also has a wonderful ability to promote healing between people, making it one of the most effective herbs for reconciliation magic. It also promotes friendship and harmony. So, if you find yourself and your partner simply not getting along, Lavender will help to bridge relationship differences and deepen connections.  

Jasmine: The Sensual Flower

Considered to be one of the most sensual of all flowers.  Jasmine has been associated with love and sensuality in numerous cultures throughout history. In love magic, it is believed to not only attract love, but also to promote seduction. In rituals where one is trying to seduce another, you almost always will find Jasmine. Jasmine is also quite effective in lust, compelling and binding spells, so be careful what you ask for!  

Vervain: The Sacred Herb for Love

Vervain, also known as verbena, has a history of sacred and practical use that dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Druids held Vervain as one of their most sacred herbs. Vervain is one of my favorite herbs and often does not get enough credit when it comes to the power it has in love magic. Like Rose, Vervain is also dedicated to the Goddess Venus. During the Middle Ages, Vervain was considered to be a powerful love magic herb. Some popular “love” related uses of Vervain is for attraction, and to foster new love. I particularly like it for “drawing in” a new love interest. Vervain does have protective qualities too, so if you find yourself in a position where there is a challenger to your current relationship and you want to ensure your relationship stays strong, bring out the Vervain!  

Black Cohosh: The Native American Love Charm

Although it is widely recognized for its medicinal uses, Black Cohosh has its place in magic too. Black Cohosh is particularly useful to those who practice American folk magic. Native to North America, Black Cohosh has a history of use among indigenous peoples, including the Cherokee and Algonquian tribes. Medicinally, it was to treat women’s issues and, thus, is a great herb to use to enhance feminine energy. I like to use Black Cohosh in times when one needs to find the courage to put themselves out there. Placed in or near the bed, it can encourage lust. It can also be added to poppets and used in love sachets. 


When it comes to the realm of love magic, nature has always played a key role. These five fantastic love herbs—Rose, Lavender, Jasmine, Vervain, and Black Cohosh—can be used together or used on their own. Each brings its own unique magical properties and are powerful allies in love spells and rituals. Like all herbs used in magic, their potency can vary from person to person and can be worked differently from spell to spell. Get to know them and you can discover how each of them work for you. 

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