How to Use Come To Me Oil in A Love Spell

Everyone loves Love.  But if you don’t have a lover, or if you have your eye on someone in particular and want to make them yours, keep reading!   

We are going to perform a ritual for love drawing centered around Come to Me Oil.  As a favorite love drawing oil, Come to Me Oil can be used in many different types of rituals. It is often used by those who wish to draw in a specific person. However, it's also a great oil to use if you simply want to draw someone in that is entirely new.  Our Come to Me Oil recipe uses herbs and oils with strong attraction & romance properties such as Ginger, Root of Queen Elizabeth, Catnip, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, and many more.  

What Do You Need To Perform A Love Spell with Come To Me Oil?

This is a 3 day ritual, and you will need the following: 

  1. Two (2) jumbo red pillar candles.  These candles should be large enough so you can carve your name into the candle.  You can (but don’t have to), use red male / female figure candles.  If you choose to use the human figure candles, be sure they face each other throughout the ritual.  
  2. Come to Me Oil. 
  3. About 18-20 inches of red string.   

Instructions For The Come To Me Oil Love Spell

Start by carving your name into one of the candles.  If you have a specific person in mind, carve that person’s name into the second candle.  If you do not have a specific target of affection, then carve “Come to (your name)” into the second candle.  It is crucial that you focus your intentions and desires all the while you are carving into the candles.   

After the candles are carved, take the Come to Me Oil and dress both candles. To do this you will put the oil on the candle starting at the middle of the candle. You will then pull the oil up the candle. As you do this, concentrate on what you wish to achieve.

Once the candles are carved and dressed, place them about 9 inches apart from one another.  If you are using human figure candles, be sure the candles face each other at all times.  If you are using pillar candles, make sure the carved names face one another.  When ready, light the candle and recite the following:

"It is not this candle that I now burn

It's  "name of person" heart I mean to turn

Come to me now. Come to me now.

May "name of target" seek comfort and find

that they are mine in soul and mind

While reciting the above chant, for 3 nights in a row, you will light the candles and move them an inch closer to one another.  Each night keep the candles burning for ½ to a full hour.  Remember to never “blow” out the candles.  Because we do not want to blow away our intentions, either smother the flames or use a candle douser.    

On the 3rd night the candles will be facing & touching each other. When this happens, take the red string and bind the candles together. For every loop you make around both candles, tie a knot. You will tie a total of three knots. As each knot is tied, recite the following:

For Knot #1, state:

"Come to Me In Heart"

For Knot #2, state:

"Come to Me In Mind"

For Knot #3, state:

"Come to Me in body"

Be sure to wrap the candles in a clockwise direction and tie the string tight.   Tie off loose ends of the string to avoid a fire hazard. Then light both candles and repeat that charm: 

"It is not this candle that I now burn

It's  "name of person" heart I mean to turn

Come to me now. Come to me now.

May "name of target" seek comfort and find

that they are mine in soul and mind"

When the ritual is complete, place all the remains in a brown paper bag and leave at a crossroads (intersection).

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