Jezebel Hoodoo Oil: The Ingredients & Spells

By far, one of our more popular Hoodoo Oils is Jezebel Oil, and for a good reason! Not only is it loved for its scent, but Jezebel oil is also one of the more powerful oils traditionally used in Hoodoo. Known for its ability to draw in wealth, prosperity, and wealthy men, Jezebel Oil has its roots in American folk magic, most notably Hoodoo. Although it is considered a true Hoodoo Oil, it has now become widely popular. It has been adopted by many different types of practitioners and can be used for a number of intentions. Let’s break down its history, what it’s in it, and how it can in a spell.


The History of Jezebel Oil

Jezebel Oil originated in the Southern United States, most notably in Louisiana. It was believed to be used by prostitutes to attract wealthy customers. Over time, Jezebel Hoodoo Oil has been adopted and used for various purposes, such as attracting wealth, drawing in love, and cursing, particularly other women. Jezebel has both biblical and historical references. Historically, Jezebel was a famous Phoenician queen who was known for her ability to influence King Ahab, the king of Israel. She was also believed to be a co-ruler and wielded tremendous power. Her ability to influence his position on religion was the source of her infamous biblical associations.

In Hoodoo, Jezebel is associated with a powerful and seductive woman who can use her charms to manipulate and influence. Made with the root of Iris hexagonal, Jezebel Hoodoo Oil is believed to embody the spirit of this powerful woman, and it is used by women to attract and control men. In this regard, Jezebel has compelling and controlling abilities, so be careful how you use it!

What are the ingredients in Jezebel Oil?

Jezebel oil is made from the root of the Iris hexagona, otherwise known as the Louisiana Iris.  It is then blended with a number of other herbs, minerals, roots, and essential oils. Although recipes can vary from person to person, any decent jezebel needs to include this root; otherwise, it simply won’t be as effective.

For a true domination oil, Jezebel root can be combined with several potent herbs and oils associated with commanding spells, such as licorice root, calamus, clove, bergamot, and elderberry. Jezebel root can be combined with jasmine, vanilla, elecampane, orris root, and catnip as a true passion-inducing and love and attraction oil. It can be combined with cinnamon, ginger, bay, vetiver, and chamomile for business matters. Of course, combinations of these herbs can be used together should one wish to make an oil that targets all these purposes.


What is Jezebel Hoodoo Oil used for?

As we mentioned before, Jezebel Hoodoo oil can be used for a number of intentions. Here are some of the most common uses of Jezebel Hoodoo oil:

  1. Love Spells: Jezebel Hoodoo oil can be used in a wide variety of love spells. It can be used to attract men, increase passion and make someone more desirable. Most notably, it used to attract wealthy men. Like Gold Digger Oil, Jezebel oil can draw in rich men and encourage them to spend freely on your behalf.
  2. Money Spells: Jezebel Hoodoo oil can also be used to attract wealth, prosperity, and financial abundance. It’s particularly useful in business-related spells. In this regard, it can be used for various business-related intentions, such as making important deals, improving negotiations, increasing the cash flow into a business, or simply beating out the competition.
  3. Cursing: Jezebel Oil can be used in cursing and jinxing spells, particularly against female competition. Known as the Jezebel Curse, it can be used against any enemy where one seeks to rid oneself of any person infringing on their goals and ambitions.

How to Perform a Jezebel Spell

For a simple Jezebel Spell to attract a wealthy partner or to draw in more money, you will need the following items:


  • A Purple Candle (for money related intentions) or a Red candle (for love related intentions)
  • 6 green tea lights
  • Jezebel Oil
  • A nail or pen to carve your candle
  • A piece of parchment paper and pen
  • A large fire proof plate
  • Cinnamon
  • Basil
  • Ginger


Begin by writing out your name 3 times on your piece of paper, turn the paper 90 degrees to the right and the write out your intention directly on top of your name three times. Then fold the paper in half, making sure you are closing the paper towards your body. Then turn the paper to the right 90 degrees and fold it again. Repeat this two more times. Lay it flat on a table. Take your herbs and gently sprinkle them over the petition.


Next, grab your plate and place it directly on top of the paper and herbal mixture. Next, get your candle and carve your name and intention directly on the candle. Place the candle in a candle holder and put it on the plate.


Then take a few drops of Jezebel Oil and dab it into the palm of your hand. Then anoint your candle by starting at the middle of the candle and draw the oil up towards the wick. Then go back to the middle of the candle, and draw the oil down. Place the candle in an appropriate candle holder and place it on your plate. Take your six tea lights and surround the candle you just carved. When ready, light the middle candle (the one you're carved), and then light the tea lights.  As you do this, light them in a clockwise direction.


Take a moment to visualize what you wish to manifest. Then either say a prayer, state your intention or read psalm 23 or 112.

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