The Magic of Linden: Recipes for Love, Fidelity & Marriage


When it comes to magic, one of the most underappreciated Love related trees/herbs is the Linden tree. Commonly known as a lime tree, the Linden Tree (or Linden Blossom) has a rich history steeped in folklore and magic. We use it in several of our products, including one of our most popular oils, Irresistible Me Oil. There are countless ways it can be incorporated into love magic and love drawing recipes, but it's often helpful to explore folklore and its uses in history to gain a richer understanding of how it can be used and how it can be worked into a magical practice. 

The Folklore of Linden

Ancient Greece & Rome

The Linden Tree was once considered a symbol of marital unity and wisdom, and fidelity. Associated with the innocence and kindness of the new relationship, the linden tree represented the ideal relationship. Considered a sacred tree, it was linked to both Venus and Aphrodite. The famous myth of Philemon and his wife, Baucis references the Linden Tree. Because their commitment remained steadfast throughout their life as they wished to remain united in death. Due to their acts of kindness to Zues, Zeus transformed their home into a temple. Philemon was transformed into an oak tree and Baucis was transformed into a Linden Tree whose branches grew together and became intermingled.

Legend Of King Henry the Lion of Saxony

One of the most famous of legends regarding the Linden is that of King Henry the Lion of Saxony. According to the myth, King Henry was once lost in a dense forest, and a beautiful linden tree helped guide him out. In gratitude, King Henry planted a Linden Tree in every town he founded where it was used as a gathering place for people to come together, talk, make decisions, or solve disputes.

Early European Folklore

During the early years of Europe, the linden tree was also considered so sacred in many pre-Christian cultures, it was considered a sin to cut it down. The Linden Tree also served as a symbol of loyalty, faithfulness, and fidelity. Under the branches of the Linden, marriages would take place, and those who were sick sought to be healed under its branches. In many European cultures, linden blossoms were thought to aid in love and protection. It was customary to carry a sprig of linden to attract love or find a romantic partner. Sleeping with a sprig of linden under your pillow was believed to protect you from nightmares and evil spirits.

Slavic Folklore

In Slavic folklore, the linden tree is associated with the goddess of love, fertility, and childbirth. It was believed the goddess would take the form of the linden tree and bring protection and comfort to women in childbirth.

Germanic Folklore

In Germanic folklore, the Linden tree was associated with the goddess Holle. Traditionally, Holle could take on many forms and proles. She has represented a  crone, a witch goddess, or a spirit that lived in the linden tree. According to legend, those who came to her as a linden tree, would often come to her when in need. The Linden Tree was also used as a place of worship, and it was believed the gods would listen to the prayers of those gathered under its branches. The Linden Tree was considered a symbol of blessings and good fortune, and it was believed that hanging a wreath from its branches in one’s home would bring good luck and prosperity.

Linden in Love Magic

Although Linden can be used for an array of magical intentions, it can be a powerful addition to any type of love blend, particularly when it comes to fidelity, commitment, and marriage. In fact, Linden Blossoms tend to be way overlooked, and rarely do I find it mentioned in common recipes and or blends. This is really unfortunate because it has long been associated with love, marriage, and attraction and was revered and celebrated over many centuries and throughout many different geological regions. This should tell us something.

In honor of the sacred Linden, I have included 3 distinct love drawing recipes: one for marriage and/or commitment, one for drawing new love, and one for fidelity magic. These herbs can be used in a variety of methods, and you can certainly combine some from each of the lists to make your own unique blend. If you choose to make your own oil, consider using apricot or avocado oil. These two oils have strong love-related properties and, in my opinion,  often outperform jojoba, almond or olive oil.

Marriage  Blend

Linden Blossoms

Hawthorn Blossoms




Passional Flower

To Attract Love Blend

Linden Blossoms


Lemon Verbena




Orris Root

Fidelity Blend

Linden Blossoms





Licorice root


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