How To Manifest - Preparing Before Your Ritual Pt.1

Prepare to Manifest  

We often hear from people who are new to the practice.  These “newbies” are looking to manifest everything you can think of including love, money, scholarly success and so much more.   Regardless of the reasons people are drawn to the craft, they all have at least one thing in common.  These newcomers are looking to get what they want, and they want advice on how to do it.  

While everyone is capable of manifesting, not everyone is in the right mind space to begin to do so.  This is why the journey for so many should begin with a purification, uncrossing, self-love or anger be gone ritual. These types of rituals help to put one into the right state of mind to receive all the gifts the universe has to offer. Clearing the mind, body and spirit from darkness and negativity opens the mind, body and spirit to receive light and positivity. Letting Go of bad energy opens space for good energy.     

The ”good” in the universe is attracted to “good”.  This leads us to an essential component of manifestation; The Law of Attraction – Like attracts Like.  In order to attract all that is desired, you need to prepare.  Go ahead and meditate, purify, and let go of negativity.  Once you do, hold on tight as your dreams become reality.   

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