How to Manifest Pt. 2 - The Manifestation Ritual

You will need: 

*Any Type of Manifestation or Abundance Oil
*Sunflower Petals, Black Tea, Orange Peel or Blossoms, Cinnamon, & Ginger
*Our Manifestation Candle (use an orange candle if you do not have our candle)
*The Sun Tarot Card or an Image of What You Wish to Manifest
*Fire-Safe Plate, Pen & Parchment Paper

Begin by writing your name 3 times on the piece of parchment paper (use a piece of paper bag if you do not have parchment paper). Then turn the paper 90 degrees in a clockwise. Focus on what you will manifest. After you have a clear picture in your mind of you having what you desire, then write what you want on the Petition. Write this 3 times. Each time, write directly over your name.

Next, anoint your finger with a drop of the Manifestation or Abundance Oil. Draw a circle around your name and written intention with your finger. Make sure to draw the circle in a clockwise direction. Do this 3 times using a drop of oil each time. Fold the petition towards your body, then turn it clockwise 90 degrees. Fold the paper a second time, towards your body. Turn the Petition 90 degrees clockwise. Do this one last time (3 times total). Fold the paper towards you, then turn it 90 degrees clockwise.

On a surface suitable for a candle, lay the Tarot Card or your Image face up. Cover with your completed Petition. Now cover the Petition and the card or image with a fire-safe plate. Put your candle on the plate and surround the candle with the flowers and herbs. Focus, and imagine yourself having all that you want. Now, light the candle while stating your intention out loud. If you like, end with a prayer.

Throughout the ritual, visualize yourself in a world with all that you desire.

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