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Open your heart and be prepared to draw love and inspire romance with 5 of our most celebrated love oils. Bound To Me Oil is a strong blend designed to bind a lover to you and aid with issues related to commitment, fidelity, and attachment. Follow Me Boy Oil is for attracting, dominating, and ensuring the fidelity of men. Use it to draw a man to you and keep him by your side. Forget Me Not Oil is perfect for making sure your lover keeps their eyes only on only you. Use it for matters of fidelity, commitment, long-term relationships, and marriage proposals. Love & Attraction Oil is ideal for forming new romantic relationships and deepening the strength of your current relationship. Finally, Come To Me Oil is a powerful blend to help you gain the attention of a love interest and draw them to you. Each oil comes in a ½ oz glass bottle. 

What does Love 5 Oil Set do: 

  • Attract potential love interests or deepen your current relationship.
  • Bind a lover to you.
  • Promote commitment, marriage, and fidelity.
  • Assure your love interest keeps their eyes on you and only you!
  • Capture the attention of a special someone and draw them in.

What are the ingredients in Love 5 Oil Set:

Bound To Me Oil includes an array of love-related and binding herbs including honeysuckle, periwinkle, apple leaves, white willow bark, coriander, and others.

Follow Me Boy Oil is loaded with a variety of fidelity and commanding herbs such as licorice, calamus, jasmine, rose, and orris root. 

Forget Me Not Oil includes forget me not flowers, yarrow, borage, chickweed, violet, dill, periwinkle, and a number of other herbs and oil.

Love & Attraction Oil includes rose, damiana, cherry bark, passionflower, lavender, and a number of other power herbs.

Come To Me Oil is made with ginger, root of Queen Elizabeth, catnip, jasmine, honeysuckle, and several other attraction/romance herbs and oils.


How to use Love 5 Oil Set in a Spell or Ritual:

To perform a Love & Romance ritual, get a pink or red candle. Anoint it with the oil of your choice, pulling the oil up from the base of the candle toward the wick. As you do this, visualize exactly what it is you wish. Place the candle in an appropriate candle holder and put this on a fire-safe plate. Next, write your petition on a piece of parchment paper or brown paper bag. If you wish, anoint the four corners with the oil. Fold the petition toward you and turn it 90 degrees. Repeat this two more times, so you have three folds. Place the plate holding the candle on top of your petition. Light the candle and either read Psalm 23 or chapter 7 or 8 from the Song of Solomon, or recite a poem or words of your own.




Sold as a Curio. For external use only. Keep away from children and pets. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

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Oil set


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