Forget Me Not Oil for Enduring Love, Fidelity, Commitment & Marriage Proposals

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Forget Me Not Oil was created for those of you seeking enduring love. It's an ideal oil to use when you find yourself in a situation where you wish to ensure your love interested will keep his thoughts only on you. It's perfect to use for issues that concern fidelity, commitment, long term relationships and marriage. It is also great product to use when you find yourself in a long term relationship and are seeking a permanent connection and commitment while you are away from each other. It can also be used for those who are out in the dating world and wish to make a lasting impression. We have included some pretty powerful herbs and oils in this blend that have historically been linked to everlasting love, commitment and marriage proposals. Some of these include forget me not flowers, yarrow, borage, chickweed, violet, dill, periwinkle and a number of other herbs and oil. It comes in a ½ oz bottle.

Forget Me Not Oil can be dabbed on the body, poured into the bath, anointed on photographs, used as a message oil, anointed on letters or simply dabbed in the heel of your shoe. Use some to feed a mojo bag, gris gris or nation sack. Rub a bit on the furniture in your bedroom, particularly along the bed posts or mattress bars. If you wish, you can anoint some Forget Me Not Oil on either two lodestones or tonka beans, place them in a red flannel bag and keep them in a safe place or  place them under your mattress. Re-anoint them on every Friday. Get a photograph of your love interest. Anoint some Forget Me Not Oil on it and then pin it to the back of your mattress, making sure the image is facing you while you sleep.

For candle divination, I recommend get a pink jumbo or pillar candle. Carve your name and your partner's name into the candle with a toothpick. You may also want to add some love terms to it such as Soul Mate, Enduring Love, Husband & Wife, Commitment, Happily get the picture. Anoint the Candle with some Forget Me Not Oil, pulling the oil up the candle towards the wick. For those of you who have found yourself in a relationship that seems to be slowing down rather then speeding up, you can gently roll the anointed candle in a bit of cinnamon, brown sugar and ginger. Just make sure not to overdo it! When you are ready, light the candle and recite Psalm 23 or you may simply say your own prayer. Don't let the candle burn out. You are going to want to repeat this ritual for nine consecutive nights. On the 9th night, allow the candle to burn all the way down. Take all the remains and either bring it to a crossroads or bury it near your front door. Friday is most preferable day to perform this ritual. If you feel compelled to follow the moon cycles, make sure you perform this on a new moon.

In terms of the folklore, every herb in this blend has a wonderful love related legend associated to  it. Borage, for example was used by women and added to wine to encourage a marriage proposal from a suitor. Dill was also used in love potion, seduction baths and sprinkled around the home to protect and secure one's relationship. Yarrow has been associated with enduring love for centuries. A sprig of chickweed was carried by someone to ensure their lover remained faithful. And, of course, the famous forget me not flower which still remains a symbol of remembrance.


Sold as a Curio. For external use only.


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Follow me oil in conjunction with forget me not oil is the greatest combination for love! Get these two oils, you won't regret it!