Gender: Masculine

Planet: Sun

Element: Air

Deities: Ra, Osiris, Diana, Ishtar and Astarte

Magical Properties: Psychic Ability, Prophetic Dreams, Visions, Protection, Money


Acacia has a long history of use with a rich background in folklore. The bible references the use of Acacia. For example, the burning bush that Moses allegedly heard the voice of God was believed to be an Acacia tree. In another instance, Moses was directed to build the ark from the wood of an acacia tree. Many Christians believe the crown of thorns was made from a certain species of the Acacia tree. In India, it can be worn in a turban to propel evil away from the wearer. Acacia is popular in incense blends designed to increase one’s psychic abilities or encourage psychic visions. Its resin, Gum Arabic, is also popular in meditation blends.



Gender: Masculine

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Air

Magical Properties: Sleep, Protection, Reversal Magic, Hexes, Curses, Slander, Gossip

The use of Agrimony dates as far back as Ancient Egypt. In fact, its name comes from the Greek word “Argemone” which translates to “a plant that is healing to the eyes.” The ancient Greeks believed that agrimony could had healing properties for issues with the eyes. They also used it in various brews to treat everything from diarrhea, gall bladder issues and issues with the liver and kidneys. It is well known that during the middle ages, agrimony was used as a topical treatment for wounds and blemishes of the skin, snake bites and even warts!

There have been many types of magical associations with Agrimony. It was once believed to help cure insomnia and if placed under someone’s pillow, would cause them to continue to sleep until it was removed. It also has a long association to protect against unwanted or harmful magic and witches. It’s a marvelous herb to aid in gossip or slander and is even believed to have the power to aid in reverse magic.

Agrimony is a great herb to use in all protection spells. It’s also particularly powerful at sending bad energy back to any person who intentionally caused harm. It can be used alone as an incense to clear a house of unwanted energy. Angelica combined with slippery elm bark can stop slander or gossip.



Gender: Feminine

Planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Magical Properties: Folklore suggests that alfalfa has the power to bring money and good fortune. It also is known to bring good luck while gambling.

The first mention of Alfalfa can be trace back to a book written by the Emperor of China in 2939 B.C. In Chinese medicine, Alfalfa was used to increase the appetite and was known to help heal ulcers. It was a popular import during Ancient Greece after it was discovered in the East by Darius the Great. The Arabs used alfalfa to feed their cattle during the long winter months and would feed it to their horses in order for them to run faster. In Arabic, Alfalfa translates to the “father of all foods.”



Gender: Masculine

Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Magical Properties: Money, Healing & Luck

Allspice was ceremonially used by the Mayan Indians in their burial rites. Allspice had strong embalming agents and was used to preserve the bodies of the Mayan dead. It was also used as a preservative. Bush doctors in Latin America would use Allspice in a specially prepared bath for joint and muscle pain. Christopher Columbus discovered it upon his arrival in the Caribbean All spice took the name “Jamaican Pepper” by the Spaniards and The Europeans named gave it the name “allspice” due to the fact it incorporated many different flavors such as clove, nutmeg and cinnamon.



Gender: Feminine

Element: Water

Magical Properties: Psychic Intuition, Divination & Protection

Althea, sometimes referred to as Marshmallow Root has a long history in folklore and magic. The ancient Greeks were known to use it for its medicinal properties as did the Egyptians. In fact, althea is believed to have gotten its name from the Ancient Greeks Althea and is a derivative of the Greek word, altho, which means “to cure.” Althea is referenced in the Book of Job and in Medieval times Althea ointment was used to drive out evil spirits and made an excellent protection ointment. During the middle ages, if a person found himself accused of wrongdoing, it was believed that if he held a burning hot rot of iron, the innocence would not show any significant burning of the skin. Certain accounts during this period claim that anointing oneself with a balm made from althea could prevent people from getting seriously burned.

Althea is a popular herb for any type of psychic divination work. It is believed to make a powerful incense when burned for these purposes.



Gender: Masculine

Planet: Sun

Element: Fire

Deity: Venus

Magical Properties: Protection (especially women and children), Exorcism, Good Fortune, Blessings, Prophecy, Visions, Healing

Angelica is named after the Archangel Michael as it was believed to harvest on his feast day. Angelica is also associated to Archangel Gabriel and the Goddess Venus. One legend tells how a monk received a message from the Archangel Michael that told him Angelica could cure the plaque. Angelica was also believed to prolong life and used to be made into an elixir. During the middle ages, Angelica was also believed to have the power to suppress the youthful lust of adolescents.

Angelica has historically been used in magic for centuries. It was once believed to have the power to defend against witches. Pagans often used angelica in purification rituals. The Christians used Angelica in certain rituals including exorcism and Angelica was known as the root of the Holy Ghost.

Angelica is a great herb to include in all protection incenses. It can be bathed with for purification and healing rituals. Angelica can also be blended with copal and made into an incense to induce visions. Put some in every corner of home for protection or to cleanse the home of negativity. Place it in a red mojo bag for overall good luck.



Gender: Masculine

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Air

Deity: Oshun

Magical Properties: Psychic Intuition, Protection, Banishing, Purification, Luck (particularly with newlyweds) and Insomnia

The use of Anise dates back to Ancient Egypt where it was used for both food and healing. In biblical times, Anise was revered and used all types of tithes and offerings. The Romans used it in a spiced cake that was given to guests during feats as it was believed to aid in digestion. It was also believed to increase a nursing mother’s breast milk. Anise was believed to have the ability to divert “the evil eye.” In Biblical times, anise was so highly prized that it was often used for tithes, offerings and served as a form of payment.

Anise can be used in a variety of ways. It can be placed in a pillow to prevent nightmares and encourage a restful sleep. Anise seeds placed along the entrance of your house can prevent negativity from entering. Anise is also great for incense and is known to encourage clairvoyance and communication with spirits.


Protection, Psychic Powers

Protection, Purification, Beauty, Psychic Abilities

Visions, Exorcism, Protection, Healing

Protection, Psychic Visions, Clairvoyance

Adam & Eve Root
Love, Happiness, Commitment

Protection, Sleep, Gossip

Money, Abundance & Security

Money, Healing, Good Luck

Balm of Gilead
Healing, Love, Reconciliation, Protection,

Love, Protection, Wealth

Protection, Strength, Purification, Healing

Power & Success

Protection & Healing

Dominance, Strength, Protection, Money, Luck

Passion & Love

Love, Beauty, Happiness

Psychic Abilities, Passion, Mental Clarity

Money, Healing, Sleep

Cherry Bark
Love & Friendship

Fidelity & Commitment

Success, Money, Luck, Passion

Money, Abundance, Achievement, Sleep, Protection

Protection, Love, Money,

Money, Love, Luck, Fidelity

Money, Safety

Love, Health, Healing

Love, Passion, Visions

Divination, Psychic Visions, Communication w/Spirits, Love

Devil’s Shoestring
Luck, Protection, Employment

Love, passion, money, protection

Dragons Blood
Protection, Exorcism, Power, Strength

Protection, Cleansing, Healing, Purification

Protection, Purification, Healing

Money, Beauty, Psychic Abilities, Healing

Spirituality, Protection, Calming, Offering

Curse Breaking, Passion, Protection, Health, Money

Love, Money, Success, Power, Speed

Hawthorn Berries
Fertility, Happiness

Lust, Divination, Love

High John the Conqueror
Success, Money, Luck, Love

Love & Money

Fidelity, Fertility

Protection, Purification, Curse Breaking, Cleansing

Love, Commitment, Money

Love & Protection

Love, Healing, Protection, Commitment, Peace

Clear Obstacles, Purification, Cleansing, Rejuvenation, Love, Friendship

Lemon Grass
Cleansing, Purifying, Passion

Lemon Verbana
Purification & Love

Passion, Love, Fidelity, Compelling

Protection, Spirituality, Love


Protection, Love, Fertility, Money

Peace & Happiness

Money, Protection, Purification, Passion

Psychic Abilities, Healing, Strength, Astral Travel, Prophetic Dreams

Mustard Seed
Forgiveness, Healing, Love, Peace

Protection, Spirituality, Offering, Healing

Luck, Money, Health, Fidelity

Luck, Love, Money

Love, Protection, Divination

Passion, Purification, Protection

Passion Flower
Love, Peace, Healing, Friendship, Forgiveness

Money, Passion, Fertility

Cleansing, Purification, Protection, Exorcism

Money, Fertility, Purification, Healing, Protection

Love, Healing, Divination, Peace, Happiness, Luck, Protection

Healing, Peace, Protection, Love, Purification, Mental Clarity

Purification, Curse Breaking, Cleansing, Protection, Clarity, Exorcism

Wisdom, Spirituality, Purification, Offering, Cleansing

Love, Protection, Healing, Spirituality, Cleansing

Slippery Elm
Stops Slander & Gossip

Luck, Money, Lust, Love

Solomon’s Seal
Wisdom, Protection, Mental Clarity, Exorcism, Luck

Star Anise
Psychic Ability, Luck

Healing, Sleep, Calming, Peace, Protection, Courage

Healing, Purification, Offering

Love, Luck, Wishes, Strength

Love, Protection, Purification, Peace

Love, Passion, Mental Clarity

Luck, Money, Love

Healing, Love, Passion, Luck, Wishes, Peace

Hex-breaking, Protection, Luck, Healing

Communication with Spirits, Psychic Power, Love

Shape-shifting (transmutation), Protection, Purification