The Magic of Jasmine: Spells for Love, Intuition & Healing

Magical Properties of Jasmine & How To Use It

Magical Properties of Jasmine

One of the more popular and beloved magical ingredients is that of the Jasmine flower, and for good reason. It has many wonderful magickal properties and is a common ingredient in many different types of conjure oils. It has been utilized in spiritual and ritual practices for centuries and is admired for both its beauty and distinctive floral aroma. We use it in a number of our own products, like our House Blessing Candle, Wealthy Way, and Chuparrosa Oils.

Origin and Meaning

The word Jasmine comes from the Persian word ‘yasmin,’ meaning “gift from God.” Native to Asia, Jasmine is a flower associated with love, blessings, healing, wealth, and spiritual connectedness. Ruled by the moon and Venus, Jasmine is associated with the element of water and can be used in a wide variety of rituals and spiritual practices.

The Folklore of Jasmine

In Hindu-based religions, jasmine is associated with the goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi is the goddess of prosperity and abundance, and jasmine is frequently used in Hindu weddings. Woven into the wedding garlands of brides, it is a symbol of love, purity, and abundance. The Hindu god Kamadeva, also known as Kama, was the god of erotic love. It is commonly believed that jasmine is one of the five flowers that make up his arrows of love. 

The Chinese culture also held high regard for Jasmine due to its protective and love-related magical properties. They believed Jasmine had the power to ward off negative energy and/or evil spirits. When worn, it was believed to have the ability to protect the wearer from injury and harm. The Chinese also believed that Jasmine could serve as a powerful aphrodisiac and was used in various remedies and rituals related to love, lust, and sexuality.

Jasmine made its way to Europe in the late 1500s. In the language of flowers, jasmine symbolizes purity, modesty, and elegance. It’s no wonder that jasmine became an emblem of the Virgin Mary. In European magic, Jasmine was used for many love-related rituals due to its ability to attract and promote love. It was also associated with the moon and was believed to strengthen one's own spiritual awareness, intuition, and psychic abilities.

Magical Properties of Jasmine

Because jasmine is associated with the element of water, it is often used in magic related to emotions, love, intuition, psychic awareness, healing, or developing a greater spiritual connection. Jasmine can have a calming and soothing effect on both mind and body, making it perfect for any type of calming or relaxation ritual or practice. Jasmine can enhance one's psychic abilities and deepen the connection to spiritual energy. Jasmine can heighten your spiritual awareness and help to open the third eye chakra, which is associated with intuition and spiritual insight. Jasmine can also be used in healing rituals due to its gentle healing properties on both a physical and emotional level. When it comes to healing, jasmine is subtle yet effective. Some people also believe its effective in treating mild depression and anxiety as it can promote feelings of peace and calm.

Using Jasmine in a Ritual and Spells

Jasmine can be used in a variety of rituals or spells, depending on your intention and desired outcome. For our purposes, we are going to explore three spells that target a specific intention: Love, Healing, & Psychic Intuition

The Jasmine Love Bath Spell

You will need the following:

  • Two pink candles
  • Jasmine & rose petals
  • A 1/2 of dried powdered milk
  • Jasmine essential oil or your favorite conjure oil that features jasmine, such as Follow Me Boy Oil or Be Witching oil

Begin by mixing your jasmine and rose with 1/2 cup of powdered milk. Add 5 or 6 drops of oil and mix all the ingredients together. Draw yourself a warm bath. Then take two pink candles and place them on each side of the tub, one at the head and one at the foot. Add your mixture to the bath, and then light your candles. Enter the tub and immerse yourself in the bath water. Sit quietly and imagine yourself like a beacon or magnet, lighting up any room you may enter. Visualize yourself drawing in the perfect relationship and see yourself in your ideal relationship with the person you desire. You may also state your intention, say a prayer or read the song of songs from the Bible. When done, exit the tub and allow yourself to air dry.

Healing Ritual

To perform a healing ritual using jasmine, you will need:

  • A white or blue candle
  • A charcoal disc
  • Jasmine buds and myrrh resin

Powder your jasmine down and mix with the myrrh resin. Light your candle. Then sprinkle your jasmine and myrrh on top of the charcoal disc. You will then take the burning incense and smoke and hold it over the white candle. Recite the following:

“Hence comes the Great Goddess, protector of all; and she shall mend, bone to bone, blood to blood, limb to limb, sinew to sinew, and Name of Person shall be healed.”

It’s important to note that this can be changed to represent any high power that has meaning to you. This particular petition is based on an old Saxon charm, but you can get as creative as you want. You can also state your intention or say a prayer. Then take your incense in one hand and gently smudge yourself with the smoke with your other hand.

Psychic Intuition and Divination Spell

You will need the following items:
  • Jasmine Buds
  • Anise Seeds & Lavender
  • Frankincense essential oil
  • Cedar essential oil
  • Two ounces of olive oil
  • A blue or silver chime candle
  • A mirror
  • A pen and paper

Take a pinch of each of the herbal ingredients and mix them together. Add them to the olive oil. Then, add 2 -3 drops of frankincense and cedarwood oil. On a full moon, take your oil mixture and set it on your mirror. You then want to move this near a window sill. Allow the oil to sit there for 30 days. The goal is to have the moon’s energy empower the oil.

On the next new moon, anoint your candle with the oil. Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. When ready, light your candle and take a few deep breaths. Allow the chatter in your mind to fade into the background, and allow yourself to be completely still. Focus on your breath. Take a piece of paper and write down any questions or concerns, or focus on the intention of receiving intuitive guidance. Spend some time meditating and visualizing yourself, receiving guidance. Write down any thoughts that come to mind. When you feel as though the ritual is complete, extinguish the candle.

This ritual can be performed daily. The more you do it, the easier it will be to access your inner intuition and awareness. You can also use your oil to anoint your altar or divination tools.

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