Self-Love Set (Soy Candle, Room & Body Spray & Herbal Shea Soap) for Acceptance, Self-Worth, Healing & Forgiveness

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For those who wish to experience a new level of self-acceptance and a deeper appreciation for your true self, our Self-Love Set is for you. It can aid you in your personal journey towards developing a deeper understanding of yourself and realizing your true worth. When you accept and love yourself, the choices you make are healthier and far more rewarding.  We've added a number of oils and herbs that are known to open the heart and promote feelings of self-confidence and acceptance. This set features our most beloved self-love products: an 8 oz, Soy Candle with Crystals and Herbs, a 4 oz. Self-Love Room & Body Spray, and our 4 oz. Self-Love Herbal Shea Soap.

What does our Self-Love Set do:

  • Promotes compassion and empathy toward oneself and others.
  • Creates a safe and judgment-free environment where one is free to get to know their true self.
  • Deepen a sense of self-worth and confidence to help set boundaries and promote fulfilling, balanced relationships.
  • Stimulates optimism and mental clarity to make healthy choices for yourself.


What are the ingredients in our Self-Love Set:

Our lovely-scented Self-Love products are loaded with rose, jasmine, and lilac flowers.  




Sold as a curio. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

Warning: To prevent fire and serious injury, always burn candle within sight. Keep away from drafts and keep away from children and pets. Never burn a candle near anything that can catch fire.

Customer Reviews

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Verenice Riojas

Self-Love Set (Soy Candle, Room & Body Spray & Herbal Shea Soap) for Acceptance, Self-Worth, Healing & Forgiveness

Favorite Things

The set is a favorite gift!

Tiana Brown
I absolutely adore this set!

The self love care set has really helped me boost my self confidence and self care. The positive affirmation on the candle sets the tone on how I want to take care of myself. The spray smells amazing and the soap is my favorite. I speak positive affirmations over myself while using the soap. I love how it had herbs inside and in a way they act as a loofah. Definitely recommended this product to my friends and family.


Smells and feels amazing

Elisa Galvez
♥️🙏🦋Fue una buena compra! Excellent purchase!

I feel happy with my purchase 💞 Self-Love Set (Soy Candle, 💚 Room & Body Spray & Herbal Shea Soap)🌿 for Acceptance, Self-Worth, Healing & Forgiveness.
I am in the process 🙌, I really loved everything and I recommend them 🥰 Se siente la energía 💪 y huelen muy bonito🌾🍃👌