Pretty In Pink Oil for Charm, Flirtation, Light-Heartedness, Love & Romance

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Bursting with smiles, winks and charm, our Pretty In Pink Oil can help you feel your best and absolutely light up a room.  Who cares what others think – enjoy yourself, BE yourself and others will notice!  Loaded with flowers, herbs, oils and resins known for their flirtatious, playful and happy-go-lucky powers, our Pretty In Pink Oil will lift you up and make you feel free to enjoy yourself while catching the attention of others.  This gorgeous flirtation oil has Evening Primrose, Honeysuckle, Coltsfoot, Cherry Bark, Sunflower, Ylang Ylang and more.  What gives this soft oil its calming vibration is Butterfly Pea Flowers and Bee Balm, both known for their amazing and soothing powers of transformation.  Be prepared to feel carefree, light-hearted and simply radiate all you are with Pretty In Pink. Pretty In Pink Oil comes in a 1/2 oz bottle and features a sprinkle of eco-friendly pink glitter.

Pretty In Pink Oil can be dabbed onto the body, anointed on your favorite jewelry or dabbed into the heel of your shoe. Rub a drop or two in your palms prior to attending a social event. Place a drop or two on a 2 x 2 inch piece of silky pink fabric and keep it in your pocket or purse.

For a sweet and simple ritual, get a pink or yellow candle and anoint it with Pretty In Pink Oil, drawing the oil up the candle (towards the wick). Next, get a fresh bowl of water and add a few drops of the Pink In Pretty Oil directly into the water. Place this next to the candle. When ready, light the candle and focus on your intentions. Dim the lights in the room. Look into the bowl water using the flame from the candle and recite this charming spell:

"Sweet sweet air above,

I charm "name of person" for their love.

Sweet sweet water below,

I call into their heart to make it so."

As above, so below.


Sold as a Curio. For external use only. Keep away from children and pets.