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Our Goddess of Love Oil contains a fantastic blend of herbs and oils that have a long history of being associated to both Goddesses of Love and to love in general. Our Goddess of Love is the perfect oil to use when seeking new love. It is also known  to increase one's sense of personal charm and allure and may be used to develop a deeper sense of sensuality and seduction. Our Goddess of Love Oil includes 6 different sacred herbs that have historically been associated with our favorite love Goddesses: Oshun, Astarte, Brigid, Xochiquetzal, Venus and Qetesh. These include Orange, Marigold, Dandelion, Acacia, Cardamon and Rose. This is the optimal blend for your love related matters! Its perfect to use in any type of love related ritual or spell. You may also simply wear a bit to enhance your own innate sexuality or perhaps draw a new love in. It comes in a ½ bottle.


Goddess of Love Oil can be worn on the body, dropped in the bath, anointed on jewelry or sacred objects, rubbed on an altar or dabbed in the heel of your shoes. Rub some on your hands prior to meeting new people or before going out on a date. Dab some on your business cards or put a few drops on a cotton ball and carry it in your purse. Anoint some along your heart chakra, neck and wrists. Rub some on your front door to draw love into your home. Place a few drops on some dried rose petals and orange rinds and make your own potpourri. Dab some in your drawer that holds your most intimate items. Mix some with a bit of olive oil and use as a massage oil.


For a powerful love candle ritual, get six white tea lights and a pink candle. Anoint each tea light with a bit of Goddess of Love Oil. On the top of the tea light, gently apply the oil in a clockwise direction. Create a circle with these lights. On your pink candle, carve your name and anything you wish to achieve. Anoint the candle with the oil by rubbing your hands with a touch of oil. Then, draw the oil up the candle from bottom to top. Place this candle in the center of the circle. When you are ready, light the tea lights first and then the pink candle. Say a prayer and visualize! I also recommend reading the Song of Solomon.


If you are unfamiliar with some of the Goddess we have chosen here is a brief synopsis of each.


Astarte: Astarte is an ancient Phoenician (and Hebrew) moon goddess associated with fertility and love. She is commonly affiliated with the symbol of the crescent moon. In fact, many believe that the lucky horse shoe originates from Astarte's crescent moon symbolism. Astarte controls the moon cycles and thus is related to issues of fertility. As a goddess of nature, she embodies love and abundance, femininity and inner wholeness. As a moon goddess, she also has the allure and secrecy much loved by the male sex!


Brigid: Goddess Brigid was historically worshiped by the Celts, Scots and Irish. Brigid was considered to be a great healing Goddess as well as a love goddess. We chose Brigid for her ability to heal old wounds, particularly those related to love matters. She is also the patron of streams, rivers and wells that, even today, remain known for their ability to heal. Coins and rings were her favorite offerings that were commonly left in the bodies of water that represented her. Brigid is a sun goddess and she is symbolically represented by three sisters. She is a goddess of transformation, inner growth and represents the life force.


Xochiquetzal: Xochiquetzal was an Aztec Goddess known for her beauty and her ability to encourage love, pregnancy and marriage. Xochiquetzal was associated with spring, sexuality, pleasure and beauty. She was also associated with sexual liberation. She was, in essence, a Goddess of physical love. She was particularly fond of women and children. Xochiquetzal was typically depicted as a young and beautiful maiden. Her name literally translates to "sacred flowers" or "flower feather".  Marigolds and feather masks were allegedly worn and carried during her festivals that were held every eight years.


Qetesh: Now this is a Goddess of sex! Qetesh was originally a Semetic Goddess most likely Sumerian in origin. Like many other gods ad goddess, the Egyptians adopted her into their repertoire of Gods and Goddesses, In this case, their late kingdom. Qetesh was considered to be a nature goddess and was associated with erotic pleasure and ecstasy. Qetesh is typically depicted on lion. Thus, if you are at all familiar with the Strength Tarot Card, you just might grasp a much deeper understanding of it's meaning. It is unquestionably a representation of the power of female sexuality, and this is particularly true when it comes to taming the unbridled natures of men.


Oshun: Oshun is the Yoruban Goddess of love and prosperity. She is the ruler of rivers and bodies of water. She is often petitioned for peace, new love, healing in difficult relationships, abundance and overall happiness and joy. Oshun is often considered to be the most beautiful of the Orishas. She tends to be quite benevolent and is very giving. Oshun will heal the sick and is a fierce protector of the disenfranchised. We love her for her sensitivity to the weak and she is often sought ought during times of sadness and vulnerability. She is not only known to brings love, she may also bring in a soulful and deeply felt union between two people.


Venus: When one thinks of Venus, the first thing that may come to mind is Botticelli's painting, the “Birth of Venus” which depicts Venus rising out of the waters on a seashell. Venus is perhaps one of the most well known deities to arise out of the Greco-Roman cultures. Venus is a great goddess of love, however she was also noted for her beauty, passion, and fertility. Historians believe that she originates from Astarte and was known in ancient Greece as the beautiful Aphrodite. Venus was honored during wedding ceremonies thus roses and myrtle, her sacred flowers, were used by bridesmaids. Pomegranates were also associated with her and represented the loss of virginity and the consummation of marriage. Venus was sexually liberated and broke many rules. She was beloved by men and was utterly enticing.

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Goddess of love!!

This is the best smelling oil! Works amazing at getting guys to text u and want flings! I love it