4 Love Spells That Work and How to Cast Them

Love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe, so casting a love spell that works may seem intimidating at first, especially to practitioners who are new to spell and ritual casting. How exactly do you harness and direct the incredible power of love to make it flow in the direction you desire?

Fortunately, casting a love spell is incredibly simple, and most spells only require ingredients you probably already have in your home. Like most magic, these spells are not intended to override someone’s free will, or to make someone do something they don’t want to do. Rather, love spells will simply encourage an individual to take notice of the beautiful and bewitching qualities you already possess.

Like any spell, love spells aren’t going to be successful every time you cast them. Their success will depend on your connection to the person being charmed, and your own personal vibrations. When it comes to nudging two soulmates or twin flames together, these love spells can work beautifully to conjure up that necessary spark that will ignite a lifelong romance. Keep reading to learn how to perform a love spell to help strengthen, sweeten, or find your love.

1. Full Moon Love Spell

Uses: Attract “The One”

The full moon signifies completion, or the end of a journey. The journey in this particular instance just happens to be your journey as a single person. If you’re tired of waiting and looking for “the one”, this spell is ideal for attracting the love of your life to you.

Of course, full moons are well known for their tendency to create emotional chaos, because they can open up the floodgates of raw and intense emotions. This full moon love spell helps you use this massive influx of intense emotional energy to your advantage by harnessing the intensity of your own desires for love.


  •       A handful of rose petals
  •       A pen and paper
  •       The full moon


Any type of full moon will work for this spell, but earth moons in particular will be the most potent ones – so pick Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo if possible. Since we are looking for a stable and solid connection with someone, we will be using rose petals, an “earthly” agent, so using an earth moon will amplify the power this spell contains. 

First, take some time to think about your ideal romantic partner and write down their qualities on a piece of paper. You can make this list as long and detailed as you like, or keep it short and sweet!

Place your piece of paper near your heart, tucked under your bra or shirt, touching the skin if possible, and go outside with your rose petals. Circle your house three times, slowly dropping petals as you walk, and gaze up at the light of the full moon whenever you pass your doorway, inviting your beloved through your door.

Chant to yourself out loud, or in your head if that is more comfortable for you, “Come to me. I am ready for you”. After you have finished, use an anointing oil or wash on your front sidewalk and door. Our Love & Attraction Body and Floor Wash is perfect for this use - simply mix a little in a bucket of warm water and wash down your front door and sidewalk to draw love into the home.

2. Deadly Attraction Spell:

Uses: This spell enhances your allure and sex appeal, causing others to find you extremely desirable.

If you’re trying to ignite passion and infatuation, this spell will heat up your current relationship, or attract an intense new lover. No matter what your intentions, the  Deadly Attraction spell is a quick and powerful way to boost your powers of seduction.



Take your parchment paper or brown paper bag and write down your desires and intentions for this spell on it. Fold the paper in half, folding towards you, with the crease facing away, then turn the paper 90 degrees and fold in half once more. Make sure to get the paper as flat as possible when folding.

Find a picture of the person you wish to seduce and anoint this picture with a few drops of Deadly Attraction oil while thinking on your intentions and desires. Then place the picture on top of your written petition, placing your Deadly Attraction candle on a plate, and placing the plate directly over your picture and petition.

When you are ready, light the candle and recite:

"Goddess to the left,

Goddess to the right,

Sky above,

Earth below,

May the love I desire be bound unto me.

And drawn to me like a bee to its honey."

How you end the ritual depends on your intentions. If you are hoping to deepen an existing relationship, bury the remains of this ritual in your backyard or in a healthy potted plant near your back door. If you have an item that belongs to your love interest, bury that with the remains of this ritual as well. If you are hoping to attract a new love, bury the remains and personal item from your beloved in the front yard or in a potted plant near the front of your house.

A book surrounded by candles and flowers. Read to learn how to perform a love spell.

3. Honey Jar Love Spell

Uses: Encourage and facilitate communication, while adding sweetness to a connection between two souls. 

This ancient spell is intended to “sweeten” an existing relationship, rather than drawing a new mate towards you. If you and your existing romantic partner are going through a rough patch, or you want to take a relationship with a close friend to the next level, this honey jar spell can help open up lines of communication, increasing trust and connection between you and your beloved.


  •       Honey Jar
  •       Paper
  •       Pen


First, concentrate on the name of your beloved and imagine that person as you are thinking of their name. Then write down their name three times on your piece of paper. Three has a special numerological significance, representing wholeness, balance, and completion, so you may see the number three in many rituals associated with love and romance!

Next, turn your piece of paper 90 degrees and write your own name three times, with your name overlapping the name of your beloved. On the same piece of paper, write down your intention for this spell as clearly as possible. Write your intention so that it circles both your names, without lifting your pencil as you write.

Now, fold your paper three times (another number three here), and place it into your jar of honey. Take a spoonful of honey (or three!), and use it in a cup of your favorite tea.

As you sip your sweetened tea, repeat this mantra:

 “As I take this tea, you’ll be this sweet to me”

You can repeat the mantra out loud, or in your head, whatever feels most comfortable to you. Once you have finished your cup of tea, the spell has been set. Place the lid on your honey jar and light a candle on top of the jar. The color of the candle should reflect your wish. You can choose:

  •       Red: Passionate love, lust or sex
  •       Pink: Romantic, loving love, compassion, self-love
  •       White: General purposes, purity, peace

Once the candle has burned all the way down, store the jar in a sacred spot, away from prying eyes. Light a new candle once every seven days on top of the jar while sitting and reflecting on your desires and your love until the spell begins to manifest.

4. Get-Back-An-Ex Spell

Uses: Make your ex think of you and reestablish your connection to each other.

While sometimes we need to move on from an old relationship that no longer serves us, there are also relationships that may end abruptly and seemingly without reason. If you think your connection is worth reestablishing, this spell can get you back in your ex’s head, and help open up lines of communication between the two of you.


  •       A photo of your ex
  •       A photo of you
  •       Rose oil
  •       A red candle


Early in the morning dress your candle in the rose oil, preferably seated by a window with the morning sun streaming in. Alternatively, use our Love & Attraction 7 Day Candle, a vivid red candle already imbued with sensuous rose oil.

Place your picture next to the picture of your ex, and put both pictures under the candle. Clearing your mind, focus on the memories you share with your ex, all of the good times and energy you had together. After setting this intention, light the candle and sit by it until it has burned out.

After the candle has burned down, tilt the candle and pour small droplets of wax on your ex’s picture. Then quickly place your picture on top of the picture of your ex, allowing the wax to seal the two pictures together. Place these pictures in an envelope and keep under your pillow or on your altar until your ex reaches out to you.

No matter what kind of love spell you’re hoping to cast, we carry a wide variety of candles, oils, and other spell casting ingredients to help make any love spell you cast work like a charm! 

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