Aphrodite Perfume Spray for Love, Beauty & Feminine Power

Aphrodite Perfume Spray for Love, Beauty & Feminine Power

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Invoke the power of love, sensuality and beauty with our hand blended Aphrodite Perfume Spray. We’ve made sure to include some of her most beloved scents to this blend such as myrrh, apple and rose. Aphrodite was the Greek Goddess of beauty, pleasure and fertility. She was revered for her ability to aid in love matters, increase self-confidence and promote feminine power. Historically, Aphrodite was petitioned for her assistance in unity and harmony, particularly when it came to love. She was also considered a powerful protector of civic order. Our Aphrodite Perfume Spray also contains numerous essential oils that were the most sacred to the ancient Greeks. We consider this blend to be a true aroma that captures the vitality and romance of the ancient Greeks. More importantly, we always make sure to add real essential oils to our blends to ensure you are getting all the right magickal properties. Our Aphrodite oil comes in a ½ oz spray bottle.

Not only can our Aphrodite Perfume Spray be used as an all around body fragrance. You can also spray some on your altar or sacred intems. Dab a bit on your hands prior to meeting new people. Spray a touch on your business cards or important documents. Spray a a bit on your heart chakra, neck and wrists prior to going on a first date or attending social functions. Spray some on your front door to draw some romance into your home. 

Ingredients:  Alcohol 39c, DEP, benzyl salicylate,  pelargonium roseum/Pelargonium graveolens commiphora myrrha (myrrh) lavender officianalis (lavender), cedrus atlantica (cedar),citrus limon (lemon), fragrance.

Sold as a Curio. For external use only. Keep away from children and pets.

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