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20 Piece Chime Candle Set in 10 colors

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Enhance your spiritual practices with our 20-piece Chime Candle Set. Each candle measures 1/2" wide and 4" long, perfect for a variety of uses in spells, rituals, and ceremonies. This set includes 10 vibrant colors: pink, green, black, white, red, yellow, light blue, purple, orange, and green, offering a wide range of options for your magical needs. Use these chime candles to set the mood for your rituals, create a sacred space, or as part of spell work. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your spiritual journey, this versatile candle set is an essential addition to your toolkit. 

Chime candles are a staple in many spiritual practices. They are often used to focus intentions, manifest desires, and enhance meditative states. Each color carries its own unique energy and symbolism:

Candle Color Meanings: Using Chime Candles for your Intentions

Just like certain herbs are associated with specific intentions, and just like certain scents are associated with distinct feelings and intentions, almost every color is associated with an intention. Our best suggestions for color meanings are as follow:

WHITE – Remember, a white candle can be used for any spell or ritual. Think of a white candle like a wild card; it can be used as a substitute for any color when needed. Use a white candle for rituals related to purification, cleansing and purity.

BLACK – Use a black candle in rituals related to protection. Whether you are protecting your mind, body or soul, or for the protection of another, use a black candle. We also like to use black candles in rituals related to uncrossing or reversing.

BLUE – We love to use blue candles in matters related to the cosmos, like moon magic. Rituals that promote peace, harmony and calmness also use blue candles.

PURPLE – Purple candles mean power! Use a purple candle in commanding spells, controlling spells or when you need to assert your personal power. Use purple in matters related to psychic powers and intuition.

PINK – Self-love, taking care of yourself, and playful love are all related to the color pink. Use a pink candle in matters of the heart that do not concern passionate love.

RED – We are talking about love, passion and sex with red candles! The color red is associated with romantic, passionate love. Think of red roses.

GREEN – Green is the color of money, and green candles are used in spells and rituals concerning financial wellness, getting and growing your money, and all-around financial abundance. Rituals that focus on money-related matters are typically referred to as money drawing spells.

GOLD – Gold candles are used in matters related to luck, especially monetary luck. When seeking to manifest wealth and riches, use a gold candle.

YELLOW – Happiness, friendliness, joy, success and positivity are all tied to the color yellow.

ORANGE – When seeking to harness the power of the law of attraction and when manifesting dreams and goals, use an orange candle.

How to Use Chime Candles in a Spell or Ritual

Using Chime Candles in a Ritual

Materials Needed:

  • Chime candles (choose colors based on your intention)
  • Anointing oil (such as essential oils or a special ritual oil)
  • Matches 
  • A suitable holder for each candle
  • Optional: herbs, crystals, or other ritual tools


1. Prepare Your Space:

    • Cleanse your ritual space by smudging with sage or using a cleansing spray.
    • Arrange your altar with any additional tools or symbols that are relevant to your ritual.

2. Select Your Candles:

    • Choose the colors of your chime candles based on your intention (e.g., green for prosperity, pink for love).

4. Anoint the Candles:

    • Take each candle and hold it in your hands, focusing on your intention.
    • Apply a few drops of anointing oil to each candle. Rub the oil from the middle of the candle outward, first to the top then to the bottom, while visualizing your intention being absorbed by the candle.

5. Set Up Your Altar:

    • Place the candle holders on your altar in a pattern that feels right to you. This could be a circle, triangle, or any shape that aligns with your ritual.
    • Position any herbs, crystals, or other ritual items around the candles.

6. Light the Candles:

    • Light each candle, starting with the one that represents the core of your intention. As you light each candle, speak your intention out loud or silently in your mind.
    • Visualize your intention manifesting as the flames burn brightly.

7. Meditate and Focus:

    • Spend some time meditating in front of the candles, focusing on your intention and visualizing it coming to fruition.

8. Close the Ritual:

    • Once the candles have burned down or you have completed your meditation, thank any deities, spirits, or elements you called upon.
    • Safely dispose of any remaining wax or ritual items in a way that respects your practice.

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