F Me Now Oil - Art Of The Root
F Me Now Oil - Art Of The Root

F Me Now Oil

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Our “F” Me Now Oil is your secret weapon for igniting the flames of love! Unleash your inner seductress (or Casanova) and elevate your love life to a new level. Made with some serious love herbs, roots, and essential oils, our “F” Me Now Oil was designed to capture the magnetic attraction and unforgettable passion between two people. Experience newfound confidence, relaxation, and intimacy in the bedroom. Our F Me Now Oil comes in a 1/2 ounce glass bottle.

What does “F” Me Now Oil do?

Whether you're looking to spice up your existing romance or simply captivate the heart of someone special, our “F” Me Now Oil blend was designed to promote your seductive goddess and encourage sensuality and passion in the bedroom.

  • Embrace your sensuality, gaining self-assurance and prowess in the bedroom.
  • Rekindle the spark in your current relationship or entice a new flame or a specific love interest.
  • Encourage desire and passion between you and your love interest.

What are the Ingredients in “F” Me Now Oil?

“F” Me Now Oil includes over nine herbs and essential oils including Ginseng, Bay, Orange Blossom, Lotus, Maca, Fig Leaves, Coriander, and many others.

How to use “F” Me Now Oil:

Anoint jewelry, talismans, mojos, or amulets, or simply apply a few drops to your shoe heels. Enhance your surroundings by applying it to your altar, under your mattress, or on your front door. Add a touch to photographs, petitions, invitations, or love letters for that extra allure. Create a potent blend by combining cardamom, jasmine, and rose petals in a red cloth, anointing it with the oil, and adding magnetic sand if you're seeking added attention Carry this charm with you, or keep it in your purse. You can create a powerful honey jar spell by mixing the oil with cinnamon and brown sugar and placing it in a jar. To make a person only desire you, take brown sugar and mix it with cinnamon, Write the name of the person you wish to only desire you on the paper nine times. Turn the paper to the right 90 degrees. Then write you name directly over theirs nine times. Anoint the paper with “F” Me Now Oil and hide it somewhere in your bedroom where it will not be found.

How to Use “F” Me Now Oil in a Love Spell:

What you will need:

  • Nine Pink Candles (Chime candles work great)
  • Fresh Orange Slices, Cinnamon & Ginger
  • A Bottle and Water.
  • 9 teaspoons or lumps of sugar
  • A piece of paper and pen

This spell requires 3 days of preparation. To begin, take your orange slices, cinnamon, sogar and ginger and place them in a fresh bottle of water (distilled works best). Add a few drops of “F” Me Now Oil. Shake thoroughly and place it in your refrigerator for three days. Once this is complete, take your piece of paper and write out your target’s name 3 times. Turn the paper to the right 90 degrees and write your name directly over theirs 3 times. Turn the paper 90 degrees to the right one more time. Now, write out your intention. You will then want to roll the paper up, making sure the direction you roll is coming towards you. Place this in the bottle and shake well. Really focus on your intentions and visualize the mixture empowering your petition. Next take some of the mixture and use it to cleanse your candles. When the candles are completely dry,  you can begin the candle spell. For nine nights, anoint one candle with a few drops of "F" Me Now Oil, light it, and recite a prayer, intention, or read the Song of Songs from the Bible. When the spell is complete, take the remaining herbal mixture and pour it outside your front door.

Sold as a curio. Not a cosmetic. keep away from children and pets.


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Most definitely works 😌😌


I'm learning how to use it


I love it


F Me Now Oil


I smelled all of the oils that I ordered. They all smell similar and that was a disappointment. I would suggest sending notes on how to use the oils and what they are used for with the package too. Overall, I love this store so I give them a 10!