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Pink Lover Candle - Male & Female Figure Spell Candle

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Ignite the flames of passion with our Pink Lover Spell Candle. Standing at 5 1/2 inches high, this sweet little candle is perfect for heating up relationships, attracting love, and deepening commitment. Featuring two lovers in a tight embrace with dual wicking burning, our Pink Lovers Candle represents love, emotional attachment, and commitment. It's perfect to use when you wish to draw a lover closer and ensure that their eyes are only on you.  Pink lover candles can help to amplify your intentions and bring warmth and passion to your relationships. It can also help foster passion between you and a lover. Depending on your intention, it can also be used to bring back someone who has lost interest or strayed from your relationship.

(Please note, the candle may require leveling to stand perfectly straight.)

How to use a Pink Lover Candle in Spells and Rituals

Figure candles, crafted in the shapes of humans, animals, or symbols, are powerful tools in magical practices. Our Pink Lover Candle is used to represent specific individuals, their energies, and intentions. The goal is to help you focus more precisely. Our Pink Lover Candle features two figures one male and one female embracing, thus the intention should be on loving feelings, mutual attraction, emotional bonds and commitment. By anointing the candle with oils, inscribing it with symbols, or dressing it with herbs, you can amplify your intentions and connect more deeply with your ritual. 

A 3 Day Pink Lover Candle Spell

  • Pink lover candle
  • Conjure oil (love-related)
  • Small piece of paper (petition paper)
  • Pen or marker
  • Candle holder
  • Matches or lighter

Begin your three-day love spell by carving the female’s name on the female part of the pink lover candle and the male’s name on the male part. On a small piece of petition paper, write the male's name three times in a row. Then, turn the paper 90 degrees to the left and write the female's name three times over the male’s names, forming a criss-cross pattern.

On the first night, anoint the candle with the love-related conjure oil, starting from the middle and rubbing the oil outward towards the ends. As you anoint the candle, state your intention three times clearly and with focus. Place the petition paper on your altar or a safe surface, positioning the candle holder on top of the paper. Light the candle and let it burn for 15 minutes, focusing on your intention and visualizing the love and commitment growing stronger. After 15 minutes, safely extinguish the candle.

On the second night, repeat the anointing process with the conjure oil, again stating your intention three times. Light the candle and let it burn for another 15 minutes, continuing to focus on your intention and reinforcing the visualization. Safely extinguish the candle after 15 minutes.

On the final night, anoint the candle one last time, stating your intention three times as you do so. Light the candle and allow it to burn down completely. As the candle burns, maintain your focus on the intention, visualizing the desired outcome. Once the candle has burned down completely, gather any remaining wax and the petition paper. Dispose of these materials in a respectful manner, such as burying them in the earth or placing them at a crossroads.

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