Blessing Affirmation Soy Candle with Crystals for Good Fortune & Protection

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Our Blessing Affirmation Soy Candle can help bring abundance, good fortune, spiritual light, and peace into your life. Use it to petition Gods and deities and to aid those who are suffering, in need of healing, or facing tough times. It can help strengthen faith and bring a sense of overall well-being and comfort. It is made with all-natural soy wax and comes in an 8 oz. glass jar.

What does our Blessing Affirmation Soy Candle do:

  • Create an overall sense of peace and well-being.
  • Aid those in need of help, healing, protection, or comfort.
  • Help strengthen faith and spirituality. 
  • Draw abundance, good fortune, and the energy of the universe.
  • Petition Gods and deities for support, help, or advice.


What are the ingredients in our Blessing Affirmation Soy Candle:

We have added frankincense, myrrh, blessed thistle, sage, and a number of other related herbs, crystals, and oils.


How to use our Blessing Affirmation Soy Candle:

While lighting your candle, state your affirmation out loud. Take a moment to visualize or meditate and then relax into the feelings.




Sold as a curio.  All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

Warning: To prevent fire and serious injury, always burn candle within sight. Keep away from drafts and keep away from pets and children. Never burn candle near anything that can catch fire.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Mostly okay.

After lighting it once, I had to throw out the manifestation candle because the wax inside became so liquified that when I went to blow out the flame, wax got everywhere. Bear in mind that I did not have this lit for an exorbitant amount of time either.

Love their products

The oils are my favorite but I love the candles too. I use them when I meditate….they work and smell so good! I even had people at my job that said I smell good and I told them what it was. I am never disappointed when I order…if I could I would give them more than 5 stars.

I love it

Always wonderful. Offers balance to the home.

Blessing Candle

Smells good just like the oil. Very calming

lauren piantadosi

Received my first blessings candle as a gift from my roommate a little over a year ago. Really comforting and positive addition to your home. The smell alone will conjur compliments from visitors. I have repurchased 3 times. Vibes are immaculate