How To Use Crystals in Magic

White witches and Wiccans frequently favor using crystals in magic. The reason for this is simple. Crystals hold a power of their own. They're elemental, coming directly from the earth, are minerals, and contain their specific energy frequency.  

When practicing magic, you want to harness specific energies from crystals and other sources, such as herbs and essential oils, to achieve your goal. Crystals and magic work harmoniously to help manifest your intentions. Because of their inherent power, we add crystals and herbs to our Affirmation Candles. We do so for a reason.  But how to use crystals in magic for the best results is a matter of some learning.

As you will learn, crystals can enhance and empower many intentions. Follow us as we share some of our favorite crystals in magic. 

Crystal Frequencies and Magical Intentions

Besides generating their energy frequencies, crystals are stunning. They lure the eyes' attention and emit subtle vibrations that appeal to intuition. You may find yourself drawn to certain crystals and then realize why after reading about some of these unique crystals and their magical properties. 

Clear Quartz – Multipurpose Use 

If you're starting on your journey of witchery and magic, you can start by purchasing a Clear Quartz crystal. This crystal is multipurpose because it is so neutral. Its primary purposes are to clear areas and get rid of negative vibes. 

Beyond this, you can program the clear quartz crystal with any intention because of its neutral frequency. So, charge it for love, work, health, or another purpose. 

Clear Quartz Magical Properties:

* Encourages clarity of the mind.

* Opens the chakras.

* Enhances psychic ability.

* Amplifies intentions and energy.

* Stimulates creativity.


Selenite – Similar To Clear Quartz For Clearing

Likewise, you can use Selenite which absorbs negative vibes into its milky white, fragile layers before neutralizing and dispersing them.

Selenite Magical Properties:

* Clears away obstacles and blockages.

* Empowers and charges magical tools and ritual objects.

* It helps you connect to your higher self.


Smoky Quartz or Obsidian – Removing Negativity Magically

You can use your magical intent with this gorgeous deep, Smokey Quartz to neutralize shadowy attacks. The smoky quartz or obsidian crystals are especially valuable for protection from gossip and mean intentions. Wear these crystals as jewelry, keep them in your magic toolbox or store them in your purse to protect yourself and others. 

Smokey Quartz & Obsidian's Magical Properties:

* Dispels negativity.

* It can help you connect to the grounding energy of the earth.

* Provides a protective shield against negative energy or intentions.


Rose Quartz – Love and Compassion

Sticking with the quartz crystals, this lovely pale pink one has strong links with love in all its forms. Wear this crystal or associate it with magical intentions where self-love is necessary for growth.

Witches and Wiccans also use the delicate, gentle frequencies of the rose quartz crystal to support magic when love and compassionate healing make all the difference. And let's face it, with our work, we also need the love and compassion of the rose quartz crystal in our lives to remind us of who we are.

Rose Quartz Magical Properties:

* Encourages emotional healing, particularly when it comes to old relationships and past experiences.

* It helps balance emotions and releases stress.

* It helps enhance one's ability to forgive oneself and experience a more profound sense of self-love.

* Encourages compassion and empathy between two people.

* Opens the heart to new love and emotional experiences.

* It can enhance the efficacy and power of love rituals.


Citrine Crystals Support Success and Prosperity

As with the other crystals, keep the citrine near. The closer it is to you (on your person, desk, pocket, or purse), the more beneficial its subtle energies are. And if you're starting a new endeavor like a job, business, or another new chapter in your life where success is your goal, then this one's for you.

Citrine crystals are a light yellow to orange color in their natural state. If you see one that is darker, it is likely an amethyst that has undergone processing. Please keep in mind the difference when using the citrine crystal in magic.

Citrine Magical Properties:

* It helps manifest and empower intentions.

* Encourages the flow of prosperity & abundance.

* It stimulates creativity and energizes ideas which help to manifest prosperity.


Purple Amethyst Crystal Magical Dreaming 

Witches can use this stunning Purple Amethyst crystal to promote a peaceful night's rest and psychic dreams. You can sleep with your amethyst for enlightening purple dreaming.

Purple Amethyst Magical Properties:

* Provides a spiritual shield of protection.

* It can provide spiritual purification and clear negative energy.

* Enhances meditation and spiritual practices.

* Stimulates intuition and helps open the third eye,


Black Tourmaline – Psychic Protection and Grounding

Although not a crystal, witches often use the mysterious Black Tourmaline for grounding and to safeguard themselves psychically. Beginners and experts can also use this one for witchy magic ceremonies when they want help from the other side. As with many different crystals and stones, you can keep the black tourmaline in your pocket for ongoing protection.

Black Tourmaline's Magical Properties:

* It clears negative energy and helps let go of negative thinking.

* Provides spiritual and emotional protection.

* Shields the auric field from energetic attacks

* It helps to ground and destress.


For Clear Communication, Choose the Lapis Lazuli or Sodalite

Even if you're a wonderfully successful Wiccan or white witch, there is always room for improvement. The exquisite Lapis Lazuli blue stone aids in clear communication and wisdom – valuable when you want everyone to understand what you mean the first time. And if you cannot get hold of this stunning stone now, invest in a lovely sodalite that generates a similar frequency but is more affordable.

Lapis Magical Properties:

* It helps to encourage open communication 

* It stimulates the throat chakra and makes it easier to speak the truth.

* Helps to create a state of inner peace.

* Enables access to one's inner wisdom and knowledge.

* Stimulates intuition and psychic awareness.


Moldavite For Psychic Support & Transformation

Use your magic with the green moldavite to support your psychic growth. This meteorite stone helps develop your psychic awareness, hastens higher awakening, and cleans your aura. Moldavite is a powerful manifestation crystal. It can be used in any ritual requiring some transformation. 

* Empowers one's intentions and encourages spiritual and emotional transformation.

* Enhances the power of ritual tools and other crystals.

* Deepens awareness and stimulates intuitive dreams.

* beaks through limitations and false beliefs.


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