Evil Be Gone Oil for Negative Energy, Spirits & Ghosts

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Also called "Espanta Muerta," Evil Be Gone Oil is an ideal blend to dispel negative spirits, evil forces, and ghosts from a space. It eliminates malicious and/or unwanted energies from your immediate location. If there are disturbances in your home or if you want to cleanse a new setting before moving in, Evil Be Gone Oil is the perfect choice. It can also uncross spells, hexes, jinxes, and destructive intentions sent by others. It comes in a ½ oz. glass bottle.

What does Evil Be Gone Oil do:

  • Eliminate negative energy, ghosts, unwanted spirits, crossed conditions, or bad intentions.
  • Drive away evil forces from a particular space/environment (exorcism).
  • Cleanse a home, car, business, or office as well as any new space you are planning to live or spend time.


What are the ingredients in Evil Be Gone Oil:

We hand-blend cloves, myrrh, basil, eucalyptus, devil's shoestring, rue, and a few other potent banishing agents.


How to use Evil Be Gone Oil:

One of the more popular techniques to use when working with Evil Be Gone Oil is to simply place a few drops in every room and corner of your entire home. You can also draw a clear line with Evil Be Gone Oil in front of your door in order to block any negative energy from entering the home. Another technique is to simply mix some with water and Kosher salt and place it in the center of your home. Refresh the mixture every seven days until you feel your home has been cleansed. Of course, Evil Be Gone Oil can also be used as an overall home, door, and furniture wash. You can also dab some on the inside of the fireplace or on any keyhole that faces the outside of your home. Put some on some railroad spikes or rusty nails and bury them at the four corners of your home.


How to use Evil Be Gone Oil in a Spell or Ritual:

If you choose to work a little candle magic, get a white candle and anoint it halfway down with Evil Be Gone Oil, pushing the oil down the candle towards its base. I was once told by an African Catholic Priest that evil is nothing more than the absence of light. That is why white candles prove to be so effective. As you light your candle, recite Psalms 23 and 91.




Sold as a Curio. This product is intended to be used for spiritual purposes. This product is not a cosmetic. For External Use Only. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Smells wonderful!


Evil Be Gone Oil for Negative Energy, Spirits & Ghosts

Antonina Marie Buttafoco
keep ghosts from touching and waking me.

Usually works better on the second night in a row. Don't put it on every night. Maybe no need to.

Negative Energy

I love scent of the oil. I can feel slow affect.

Melissa Taylor
Love this oil!

It has a wonderful scent and seems to help get rid of negative energy.