How to Perform an Uncrossing Spell

Start fresh this spring by removing any negative energy, mental fog, and any hexes, jinxes or curses with our Uncrossing Candle and Uncrossing Oil. We recommend performing this ritual at night and cleansing yourself with a saltwater bath prior. Now let us begin. 


How to perform an Uncrossing Ritual

You will need the following:

  • Lemon peel for the ritual bath
  • Dead Sea salt or Epsom salt for the ritual bath
  • Uncrossing candle OR a black candle
  • Uncrossing Oil
  • A handheld mirror or small mirror
  • Salt (Kosher, Dead Sea or Epsom)
  • A piece of paper
  • Basil, mint, and/or rosemary (optional)
  • A small mixing bowl


The best time to perform this ritual is at night and I like to perform a cleansing bath just prior. Begin by simmering lemon peel in 1 cup of water. Add ¼ of Epsom or Dead Sea salt. Run your bath water and pour this mixture into the bath. Enter the bath and submerge yourself in the cleansing water. Be sure to pour some of it over the crown of your head and really take the time to soak in the bath, feeling yourself releasing any stress or heaviness.

Take ½ cup of Kosher, Epsom, or Dead Sea salt and put it in a bowl. If you so desire, add 8-10 drops of Uncrossing Oil and some basil, mint, and rosemary. Blend this all together in the bowl.

Take your mirror and lay it flat on the table, reflection side up. Get your piece of paper and write out what it is you want to get rid of; be very specific! Take this petition and lay it face down on top of the mirror, so your words are facing the mirror. Now, take your salt mixture and pour this on top of your petition. 

Next, take your black candle and anoint it with Uncrossing Oil, pushing the oil away from you, from the wick toward the base of the candle. Put this candle in an appropriate candle holder. If you are using one of our Uncrossing Candles, there is no need to anoint it.

Now take your candle and set it right on top of the salt mixture. You have your mirror (face up), your petition (face down), your salt mixture, and your candle.

When you are ready, light the candle and recite Psalm 37. When you feel your ritual is over, it is very important that you take everything you used in your ritual, except for the mirror, off your property. Find an intersection with a gas station and throw it all away in a garbage can and walk away without looking back.


Other ways of removing negativity, spells, hexes, curses, and jinxes

  • Sleep with a bible under your pillow.
  • Place dimes in your fireplace.
  • Pour some salt in front of your home and sweep it away from your house.
  • Simmer lemon peel and basil in water, strain and use this as a spray to spray down your home, or use it as a wash. Make sure to wash your home from the back to the front and top to the bottom, washing any negativity right out your front door. 
  • Place a half of a lemon in every room in your home. Leave it until it dries out and then discard it. 
  • Hang Rowan Berries above your front door. 
  • Sink an iron railroad spike behind front door.
  • Make a floor wash by simmering lemon and basil in water, straining and adding 1 tablespoon of ammonia.
  • Anoint the back of every door in your home with Uncrossing Oil or Protection From Evil Oil. 
  • Simmer fenugreek in water, strain and add this to a bath. Soak in the water, making sure to pour it over your head for clarity of mind.
  • Burn your uncrossing petition, place the ashes in a bowl. Add some salt and Uncrossing Oil, blend this all together and sleep with this under your bed.



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