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JAN 14, 2023

Protection Magic: 3 Spells to Counteract Negative Energy

Although there are countless approaches to warding magic, we have included three popular protection spells that are easy to perform and don’t require elaborate ingredients and or rituals. Read more
JAN 12, 2023

Protection Magic: Warding Against Invisible Forces

Warding or Protection Magic found its place amongst the Europeans, particularly in the Middle Ages when the Christian church stigmatized the practice of magic and earlier pagan beliefs. This was an era when protection magic was interwoven into the daily lives of everyday people. Read more
MAY 11, 2022

How to Perform an Uncrossing Spell

Start fresh this spring by removing any negative energy, mental fog, and any hexes, jinxes or curses with our Uncrossing Candle and Uncrossing Oil. We recommend performing this ritual at... Read more
OCT 09, 2018

Protection Spells for Uncrossing, Shielding, Guarding & Defense Magic

For thousands of years, protection and shielding rituals have served an important function in magical belief systems worldwide. They have been used to ensure safety, prosperity, good health and positive... Read more

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