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SEP 21, 2022

New Moon Spell for Obtaining Your Wishes

The perfect positive energy you need to manifest always occurs during a New Moon phase. In this ritual, we plant the seeds of our intentions, then we cast them off to the power of the New Moon.  Read more
MAY 25, 2022

How to Perform an Attraction Spell

As the days are getting longer and the sun’s strength and energy is growing, now is a perfect time to employ the energy of the sun in a ritual. Solar... Read more
MAY 13, 2021

How To Create The Perfect Love Charm Bag

Materials Needed For A Love Charm Bag  A 2" x 2" piece of red fabric  Rose petals  Pink thread  Cinnamon  Sugar  Two needles   Making Your Love Charm First, take... Read more
JUL 04, 2015

Ancient Love Spells for Conjure, Hoodoo, Wiccan & Pagan Rituals

Love Spells and Rituals are nothing new. In fact, history tells us they have been performed for centuries. For those of you with a strong inclination towards hoodoo, you will... Read more

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