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Ancient Love Spells for Conjure, Hoodoo, Wiccan & Pagan Rituals

Posted on July 04, 2015 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

Love Spells and Rituals are nothing new. In fact, history tells us they have been performed for centuries. For those of you with a strong inclination towards hoodoo, you will clearly see many similarities in the following spells. These spells are based on a number of resources. They have been modified and altered in order to make them more practical. To review the spells in their original forms, I have added their sources and encourage you to look them up.


Spell to Summon a Woman

Ancient Egypt (from the Demotic Magical Papyrus of London and Leiden, Verso Col. XVI)


The intention of the following spell was to summon a female from her home and make her love a male. Of course, I assume this is referring to something entirely sexual but it can be used in many ways. I also believe this may be worked in the same way for a woman who desires to summon a male.

Obtain a clean strip of linen and myrrh ink (you can make Myrrh ink by mixing myrrh resin in olive oil). Write out your petition on the linen with the myrrh ink. Take your strip of linen and place it in a clean oil lamp. If you obtained a hair from your object of desire, attach it to the wick. Light it from evening to morning.

Source: Budge, E. A. Wallis, F. Ll. Griffith, Herbert Thompson, and Aleister Blackwell. Ancient Egyptian Spells Not to Try at Home. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print. 


Love Spell of Attraction with the help of heroes (or gladiators) who have died a violent death.

Ancient Greece (from the Greek Magical Papyri in Translation, PGM IV 1390-1490)


To perform this spell as dictated by the original text, you would most likely need to fly to Rome and seek out an ancient amphitheater. However, some modern practitioners may simply advise you to go to your local graveyard and seek out the grave of a soldier to aid you.


Take a bit of bread from something you have eaten. Break up the bread into seven pieces. Go to the place where hero has died or was buried. Say your spell (petition) to the pieces of bread and throw them. Pick up the dirt from the place in which the ritual was performed. Take this dirt and throw it on the property (or in the home) of your object of desire.

Source: Betz, Hans Dieter. The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation: Including the Demotic Spells. Chicago U.a.: U of Chicago Pr., 1986. Print.


A Spell to Arouse Love In Another

(Jewish Magic and Superstition: A Study in Fold Religion, Pg. 102)


To perform this spell take a hot bath. After you bathe, cover your entire body with flour until you sweat. Wipe the sweat off with a clean white piece of linen and wring the sweat into a dish. Mix in an egg, and a bit of nail clippings and hair from the entire body. Burn these to a powder. Add this powder to a dish and serve to your desired love object. As noted in the original text, the following spell most likely originated out of medieval Germany. The significance of this largely reflects the influence of the German culture of this time.

Source: Trachtenberg, Joshua. Jewish Magic and Superstition: A Study in Folk Religion. New York: Behrman's Jewish Book House, 1939. Print.


European Potion to Make you Irresistible

(from Witchcraft, Magic & Alchemy as translated by J. Courtenay Lock, Pg. 187)


Take elecampane root (preferably gathered on St. Johns Eve) an orange and ambergris. While mixing these together add in a piece of paper with the word “Sheva” on it.

*Interestingly, the word “Sheva” may has it's origin in the Old Testament. It may refer to the name “Sheba”, perhaps a possible connection to Queen Sheba.


Simple European Spell to Gain the Love of Another Person

(from Witchcraft, Magic & Alchemy as translated by J. Courtenay Lock, Pg. 190)


To get another person to love you, simply rub your hands with the juice from vervain and touch the person you wish to love you.

Source: Givry, E. A. Geillot De. Witchcraft, Magic & Alchemy. London: George G. Harrap, 1931. Print.


A Pawnee Love Charm

(from Magic Medicines of the Indians, Pg. 63)


There are two versions of a particular love charm that I am familiar with. The first is referenced in C.A. Weslager's Book entitled the “Magic Medicines of the Indians”. 

Get the root of a Cardinal Flower. Clean it and rub it all over your body to attract a new love. Some are even known to talk to the root and ask it to aid them in the search for love. 

Another simple to technique mentioned in Donald Watt's book, “The Dictionary of Folklore”, is to take cardinal root, American ginseng, wild columbine and carrot leaved parsley to make a love charm. I would suggest powdering them together and then wrap the mixture in a piece of fabric. Carry it on you to attract love.


Sources: Watts, Donald. Dictionary of Plant Lore. Amsterdam: Elsevier/AP, 2007. Print.

Weslager, C. A. Magic Medicines of the Indians. Somerset, NJ: Middle Atlantic, 1973. Print.




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A simple Toby or Hoodoo Charm for Protection

Posted on November 13, 2013 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

A Toby or Hoodoo charm is a small bundle or package that contains a number of charged magical ingredients. It can often be referred to as a Paquet or Hand. It is meant to be worn on the body, in a pocket or hidden somewhere in your home. A Toby can contain anything from bones, herbs, minerals, coins and metal objects. Tobys are typically “fed” with whiskey but can also be “fed” through a number of other techniques such as breathing on them or passing them through the smoke of incense. A Toby or Charm is not something you want to leave out for others to see. This takes away its power. Take care to place it in a proper place such as in a special pocket, a mojo or gris gris bag, or in a sachet that you can keep with you. Hiding it in your purse is also perfectly acceptable.

To create your own Toby, you will need the following items:

Dried Basil

Dried Parsley

Black Pepper


A fresh Bay Leaf

A small 2” x 2” square piece of black fabric

Black Thread or String

A 1.5” x 1.5” piece of brown paper bag to write on.

To begin, simply write your name three times on the piece of brown paper bag. Get your fresh Bay leaf and place it flat against the paper. Next, take a pinch of the basil, parsley, pepper and salt and put it in the center of your Bay leaf. Wrap the paper around all of the ingredients. Get your black fabric and enclose it around the paper and tied a knot around its center. Then, just like you are wrapping a Christmas present, shift the Toby 90 degrees and tie the string around the Toby. You are going to do this a number of times, going back and forth between two angles just like you are tying the string around a book or a box. Here is the most important part, as you are doing this you will want to pray or state your intention. I personally like Psalm 91, second line, but it’s more important to state something that has meaning for you.

The next step includes feeding the Toby or Hoodoo Charm. As stated above, there are a number of ways you can do this. You can place the Toby in a glass of whiskey or breathe on it or run it through the smoke from incense. You can also feed it with condition oils such as Uncrossing oil or Fiery Wall of Protection oil. You may also choose to leave the Toby out on your altar and burn two small candles, one white and one black. Place the Toby in between both candles. When the candles burn out, the Toby has been fed!

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