A simple Toby or Hoodoo Charm for Protection

A Toby or Hoodoo charm is a small bundle or package that contains a number of charged magical ingredients. It can often be referred to as a Paquet or Hand. It is meant to be worn on the body, in a pocket or hidden somewhere in your home.  A Toby can contain anything from bones, herbs, minerals, coins and metal objects. Tobys are typically “fed” with whiskey but can also be “fed” through a number of other techniques such as breathing on them or passing them through the smoke of incense. A Toby or Charm is not something you want to leave out for others to see. This takes away its power. Take care to place it in a proper place such as in a special pocket, a mojo or gris gris bag, or in a sachet that you can keep with you. Hiding it in your purse is also perfectly acceptable.

To create your own Toby, you will need the following items:

Dried Basil

Dried Parsley

Black Pepper


A fresh Bay Leaf

A small 2” x 2” square piece of black fabric

Black Thread or String

A 1.5” x 1.5” piece of brown paper bag to write on.

To begin, simply write your name three times on the piece of brown paper bag. Get your fresh Bay leaf and place it flat against the paper. Next, take a pinch of the basil, parsley, pepper and salt and put it in the center of your Bay leaf. Wrap the paper around all of the ingredients. Get your black fabric and enclose it around the paper and tied a knot around its center. Then, just like you are wrapping a Christmas present, shift the Toby 90 degrees and tie the string around the Toby. You are going to do this a number of times, going back and forth between two angles just like you are tying the string around a book or a box. Here is the most important part, as you are doing this you will want to pray or state your intention. I personally like Psalm 91, second line, but it’s more important to state something that has meaning for you.

The next step includes feeding the Toby or Hoodoo Charm. As stated above, there are a number of ways you can do this. You can place the Toby in a glass of whiskey or breathe on it or run it through the smoke from incense. You can also feed it with condition oils such as Uncrossing oil or Fiery Wall of Protection oil. You may also choose to leave the Toby out on your altar and burn two small candles, one white and one black. Place the Toby in between both candles. When the candles burn out, the Toby has been fed!

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