New Moon Spell for Obtaining Your Wishes

New Moon Hand Washing Spell: For Manifestation Or Obtaining A Wish

Since the beginning of time, the power of the moon has been celebrated. With its strong connection to countless deities, the moon holds hidden mysteries of the universe.  To some degree, the moon’s power influences everything on earth.  Oceans, fertility, emotions, weather, and seasons of the year are just some things affected by the moon’s power. 

Creating a ritual that honors the function and phases of the moon helps us connect to divine energy.    Each phase of the moon governs a different type of energy. For our purposes, this ritual is centered around the New Moon phase. This phase occurs 2-4 days after there has been the absence of a moon, or, as it is commonly referred to as the “Dark Moon”.  The Dark Moon always serves as an ending, while the New Moon is a new beginning.

A New Moon phase is the perfect time to form goals, set intentions, and use the moon’s energy to manifest your wishes. It’s a period where dreams begin to take form in life.  The perfect positive energy you need to manifest always occurs during a New Moon phase. In this ritual, we plant the seeds of our intentions, then we cast them off to the power of the New Moon. The New Moon then reflects our desires back to us in a concrete way.

To be done during a New Moon. You will need the following:

*2 Blue or silver chime candles

*A bowl that is not deep and fairly large (it will hold water)

*A full glass of water

*Parchment paper (use a brown paper bag if you do not have parchment paper)

*A Piece of Quartz or Moonstone 

*Silver Thread or Ribbon

*Moon Magic Oil

  1. On the parchment paper write out what you wish to accomplish, manifest, or obtain. This is your Petition.


  1. Take a drop or two of the Moon Magic oil and, using your finger, in a clockwise motion, draw a circle around your Petition while stating your intention out loud. Do this three times. 


  1. On a flat surface, lay your Petition face up near a window, outside, or on your altar. Then put the water bowl directly on top of your Petition. (The bowl is empty at this time).


  1. Anoint the chime candles with the Moon Magic Oil. To do this, starting at the middle of the candle, draw the oil up candle toward the wick. Then, finish anointing the candle by drawing the oil down the candle toward the bottom of the candle.  Again, you will start from the middle. 


  1. With the candles in appropriate holders, place one to the right of the bowl, the other to the left of the bowl. Place the crystal or moonstone above the bowl.


  1. When ready, light the candles and visualize the moon’s rays beaming into the center of your bowl. Now, fill the bowl with water. Wait until the water is completely still and settled. Now, in your mind’s eye or the moon’s reflection visualize the moon’s rays reflecting back at you. 


  1. When ready, immerse your face in the bowl of water and kiss the bottom of the bowl. Then, look up towards the moon and say the following as you wash your hands with the water in the bowl.


“I wash my hands in thy dish.

Oh man in the moon, do grant me my wish,

For I have kissed thee in thy dish.”


After you complete the spell, take your Petition and wrap it around the crystal. Tie it with silver thread or ribbon and leave it on your altar or bury it in the earth. Take the remaining water from the bowl and discard it by throwing it outside and toward the moon.



Adapted from: Patterson, Steve. Spells from the Wise Woman's Cottage: An Introduction to the West Country Cunning Tradition (pp. 17). Llewellyn Publications, 2020. 


Note: A very similar spell is featured in Gemma Gary’s, Traditional Witchcraft: A Cornish Book of Ways as a wart charm. 

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