How To Create The Perfect Love Charm Bag

Materials Needed For A Love Charm Bag

  •  A 2" x 2" piece of red fabric 
  •  Rose petals
  •  Pink thread
  •  Cinnamon
  •  Sugar
  •  Two needles


Making Your Love Charm

First, take your two needles and place them together, with the eyes of the needles facing each other. Take your pink string and wrap it around the two needles until the needles are completely wrapped together with the pink string. Place these in the center of your red piece of fabric.

Next, add the rose petals, sugar and cinnamon to the center of the red fabric. You are going to wrap up all the contents in the fabric. Take your pink thread and wrap it around the fabric, over and over until the fabric is enclosed with pink string.

Finish by anointing it with your favorite perfume or some Love & Attraction Oil.

Place this under your mattress or keep it on you in a place where it will not be discovered.

Dab a bit of perfume or Love & Attraction Oil on it every Friday.

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