Uncrossing Powder for Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wicca & Pagan Rituals

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Our Uncrossing Powder is based on an older conjure recipe that was designed to help you remove negative influences that may be effecting your life or the people you care about. Uncrossing Powder is used by many people to who wish to remove crossed conditions, negative energy or curses of any kind. It can even be used to reverse harmful spells that may have been put on you. If you have malevolent spirits or unwanted energies you want to get rid of, then our Uncrossing Powder  can help certain help you accomplish that. Uncrossing Powder can take harmful energy and send it right back to the those who have intentions that are not positive in nature. lt creates a barrier that is very powerful and it serves as a protective shield. Furthermore, it allegedly has the ability to divert the evil eye or malevolent energies in the world around you. Our Uncrossing Powder comes in a 3" x 4" sealed plastic bag. 

All of our powders have a corn starch base. Herbs and oils are mixed into the cornstarch to create a potent and versatile powder. Uncrossing Powder, for example can be used in a number of ways. Use it to draw a line across the front of your door to prevent negative energy or people from entering the home. Rub some in your hands after touching negative people. Drop a pinch into every corner of your home. Put some on your altar, in a bowl by any entrance into your home, or simply blow a little into all four directions to keep negativity at bay. Rub a bit on the top of your head to divert negative forces.

Sold as a Curio. For external use only/