Spiritual Cleansing & Meditation Soy Candle for Intuition, Clarity & Purification

Brand: Art of the Root

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We designed our Spiritual Cleansing & Meditation Soy Candle to target the two most important attributes of one’s spiritual well-being, First, before any profound energetic shifts can happen, a thorough spiritual cleansing is in order. We have included and array of herbs and oils that are known to help clear the mind, remove negative thoughts and emotions and helps to open up one's perceptions.  Next, we added a number of herbs and oils that focus on producing higher states of consciousness, particularly during meditation. To accomplish this we have added lavender, sweet grass, palo santo, mugwort, frankincense, myrrh and a number of other potent herbs and oils. All you need to do is light the candle and take a moment to center yourself. Our Meditation & Spiritual Cleansing Soy Candle is made with all natural soy wax and comes in a 8 oz glass jar. 

Our favorite method in working with Our Spiritual Cleansing & Meditation Soy Candle is to write down your intentions or goals and a piece of paper. If you have a particular issue you wish to get guidance on, you can write this down as well. Next, fold the paper in half and then turn it 90 degrees. Fold it again, as flat as you can. Lay it flat on a hard surface. Next get your candle and place it on a plate. Then, take the candle and plate and put it directly over the folded piece of paper. When ready, light the candle and simply take a few minutes to relax and center yourself.