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Self-Love Reed Diffuser with Lilac, Jasmine & Rose

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  • Herbs & essential oils infused
  • Free conjure oil on orders $50+
  • Handmade daily in the USA

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Our Self-Love Reed Diffuser was formulated to help you experience a new level of self-acceptance and a deeper appreciation for your true self. Forget the fire hazard of burning candles and the overwhelming smells of cheap room sprays and plug-in deodorizers. Now you can literally add some magic to your home décor! Plus, we added a small bag of self-love herbs to enhance its potency.  Leave them on your bottle or use them in your favorite ritual. Our Self-Love Reed Diffuser comes in a 4 oz. glass bottle and will last for approximately 60-90 days. 

What does our Self-Love Reed Diffuser do: 

  • Enhance feelings of self-acceptance and confidence to feel good about yourself and discover your true worth.
  • Afford a space to look within to identify values and what is really important in life.
  • Stimulate a positive self-image to create assurance, resulting in setting boundaries in relationships and refusing to settle for less than you deserve.
  • Strengthen compassion for oneself and others.


What are the ingredients in our Self-Love Reed Diffuser:

Made with rose, jasmine, and lilac, it is a perfect blend - it is very powerful and smells utterly amazing!


How do you use our Self-Love Reed Diffuser:

Whenever you desire a burst of aroma, simply flip the sticks for added fragrance.




Sold as a curio. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA. Keep away from children and pets. For external use only.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mrs. Franklin
The Smell is Amazing 😊

I've purchased several items such as candles, soaps and oils. I must say NONE of their products has disappointed me. I'll definitely be purchasing more soaps, oils and Chakra candles. Can't wait to try something new.

Annie Ortiz
In love with the scent

I love this so much! Love that when I walk in it’s the first thing I smell and it truly makes me happy! ❤️

Amazing product

I love these so much. Will be ordering more very soon

Miranda Golding
Self love

I really really love the smell flips every day before work give me courage ever day feel much better about myself was so stressed with work uugh the smell is amazing

Jennifer Allen
This stuff really works!!

I can’t believe this stuff really worked!! I’ve been having bad luck with money. Ridiculously bad luck. Almost like I had a curse, but these oils changed that for me.
I purchased the money drawing, spiritual cleansing, King Solomons and self love diffuser and many more. I did exactly as the directions said from the website. I I purchased other oils and candles to help with the intention I was seeking, such as the spiritual cleansing, which smells so good. Within a day or 2 I was getting money. In so many ways the money was coming to me. My daughter even noticed the difference. She’s a believer of this stuff. The best part is that my love for prayer is stronger then ever. My favorite is psalms 23 now. Such a peaceful prayer.
I even got my daughter the courage and confidence oils, didn’t tell her, used it as directed and it worked! I noticed the change in her confidence. I will definitely be repurchasing these oils. They smell amazing too. Not too strong. Something I was afraid of since I’m sensitive to smells as they’re always triggers for my migraines. Highly recommend. Everyone must try these. If not for the magic but for the beautiful smells. There’s not one I didn’t like