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Selenite Crystal Athame

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Enrich your spiritual practice with our Selenite Athame. Crafted from pure, all-natural selenite crystal, our Selenite Athame measures 10 inches long, making it the perfect ritual blade for spiritual practice. Selenite is a powerful amplifier and an ideal crystal to use during any ritual.

What is an Athame?

An Athame is a ritual blade used in spiritual practices and can be used to direct energy, cast circles, and invoke elemental properties. The Athame is a double-edged ceremonial blade typically used for cutting and directing energy. The Athame is symbolic, and in most cases, it is not used for actual cutting. It symbolizes the element of Air. The element of Air is associated with the intellect and power of the mind. Unlike physical cutting, its primary function is to channel and manipulate spiritual energy. The Athame can be used to draw symbols, cut energetic ties, and open or close different dimensions of energy within your sacred space.

Metaphysical Properties of Selenite:

Selenite is known for its distinctive translucent beauty. It is one of our favorite crystals for cleansing and charging our magical spaces. Selenite also enhances spiritual insight and mental clarity. We consider Selenite to be the ultimate negativity buster. Selenite is known for its ability to help you connect with higher realms. It is a stone of clarity, protection, and serenity that cleanses the aura and removes negative energy. Selenite can also foster intuition, spiritual awareness, and higher states of consciousness, making it an ideal crystal for any type of spiritual work.

Benefits of a Selenite Athame:

There are numerous benefits to working with a selenite Athame. In general, it serves as a powerful tool to help you channel and direct energy. Because of its metaphysical properties, it can be used for a number of intentions, such as:

  • Purification and Protection: Selenite's natural cleansing properties make it perfect for purifying your ritual space and protecting against negative influences. It helps to block negative energy and helps you focus on your intentions.
  • Energy Amplification: Selenite crystal is an amplifier. It enhances the intent and energy of rituals, making them and spiritual work more effective.
  • Clarity and Insight: Working with a selenite Athame helps to promote deeper insight and clarity during your ritual work. It does this by helping you to open channels to divine wisdom and guidance.
  • Calm and Serenity: Selenite's calming energy promotes peace and tranquility, thereby aiding in stress relief and emotional healing during your practices.

How to Use A Selenite Athame:

Circle Casting: Use your selenite Athame to draw and define your sacred circle, visualizing a barrier of light and protection.

- Energy Direction: Direct energy with precision during rituals, whether invoking deities or channeling energy into your spell work.

- Cutting Energetic Ties: Gently "cut" away negative attachments or energetic cords that no longer serve you, using the blade to release and purify.

- Symbol Carving: Use the tip of your Athame to carve symbols or sigils into candles, incense, or other ritual tools, imbuing them with your intent.

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