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Reconciliation, Come Back To Me Incense for Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wicca & Pagan Spells

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Our Reconciliation, Come Back To Me Incense is designed to help you win back the heart of an old love or help you repair a damaged relationship in need of healing. It's perfect to use if you have a relationship that's been rocky, struggling or you're growing apart. It's loaded with herbs and oils known to help with forgiveness, love, healing, and harmony. Keep in mind that reconciliation work is difficult. Sometimes the best thing to do is to forgive and move on. However, if you have your heart set on pursuing your ex, then this is the blend for you.  It comes in a 1.25 oz. sealed bag.

What does Reconciliation, Come Back to Me Incense do:

  • Help win back the love of an ex.
  • Encourage a loved one to forgive you and take you back.
  • Heal rocky and struggling relationships.
  • Strengthen or repair a relationship where the couple is growing apart.
  • Bring harmony and peace back to a relationship in turmoil.


What are the ingredients in Reconciliation, Come Back to Me Incense:

It is made from violet, lavender, balm of gilead, roses and many more reconciliation herbs and oils.


How to use Reconciliation, Come Back to Me Incense:

Reconciliation, Come Back to Me Incense can be used in a number of ways. One popular method is to burn some while performing a divination ritual. Get yourself a pink candle and carve both your name and your love interest's name into the candle. You may want to write other words such as "forgiveness, healing, reunited," etc. You can also write your petition on a piece of brown paper bag and place it under the candle. Just make sure the candle is in an appropriate candle holder. Light the candle and burn your incense. Recite Psalm 23 and visualize.

Another great technique is to simply write a love letter to your unrequited love asking them to forgive you. As you do this, burn the incense. Imagine the smoke carrying the message to your loved one. Then, when the ritual is complete, take the remaining ash from the incense and your love letter and bury it in your backyard or in a flowerpot. You may also simply want to take a photograph of your ex love and place it on your altar. Burn the Reconciliation Incense every Friday night at midnight and ask to be forgiven by your unrequited love.


How to burn Reconciliation, Come Back to Me Incense:

Reconciliation, Come Back to Me Incense is meant to be burned on charcoal. It is not self-igniting. You will need charcoal discs and a fire-safe container to use, as the charcoal gets very hot! You light your charcoal, set it in the fire-safe container using tongs, and allow it to burn a few minutes until the top turns a greyish color. Only then will it be hot enough to burn your incense. When the charcoal is ready, sprinkle some of the incense on top of it, making sure not to add so much that it suffocates or smothers the charcoal.  




Sold as a Curio. For external use only. All Art of the Root Products are handmade daily in the USA.




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