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Reconciliation, Come Back to Me Oil for Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wicca & Pagan Spells

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Our Reconciliation, Come Back to Me Oil is designed to help you win back the heart of an old love or help you repair a damaged relationship. Use is during a rocky period in a relationship and for relationships that have been struggling or growing apart. Loaded with herbs and oils known for helping with forgiveness, love, healing, and harmony. Keep in mind that reconciliation work is hard to do. Sometimes the best thing to do is to forgive and move on, but if you have your heart set on pursuing your ex, then this is the blend for you. It comes in a ½ oz glass bottle.

What does Reconciliation, Come Back to Me Oil do:

  • Repair relationships going through a rough patch or facing challenges.
  • Bring an ex-lover back to you.
  • Promote healing and harmony in struggling relationships.
  • Build stronger bonds and greater understanding to strengthen the bond between couples that are growing apart. 
  • Encourage your significant other to forgive you and take you back.


What are the ingredients in Reconciliation, Come Back to Me Oil:

It is made from violet, lavender, balm of gilead, roses, and other potent reconciliation herbs and oils.


How to use Reconciliation, Come Back to Me Oil:

Another technique is to take some Reconciliation, Come Back to Me Oil and anoint a picture of your ex and pin it on the back of your bed (headboard or mattress). Make sure the image is facing you as you sleep, so their eyes can see you., You can also place some Reconciliation, Come Back to Me Oil in a bowl of water with a picture of your ex on top and keep it under your bed.


How to use Reconciliation, Come Back to Me Oil in a Spell or Ritual:

There are a variety of ways Reconciliation, Come Back to Me Oil can be used in a ritual. Using red or pink candles is recommended; any type is fine. Take your candle and using a toothpick or a pen, engrave your exact intentions clearly and concisely while envisioning your desired results. Next, anoint the candle with Reconciliation, Come Back to Me Oil, drawing the oil up the candle towards the wick. If you'd rather, you could write your petition on a piece of parchment paper or a brown paper bag, then fold it towards you, with the crease away, and turn it 90 degrees. Repeat this fold and turn two more times. For 7-day candles, poke four small holes atop the candle and pour a drop of Reconciliation, Come Back to Me Oil in each opening. Then, place the candle (whichever style you choose) above the folded petition, light the candle, and leave it until the flame dies out. In both techniques, recite Psalm 23 or the Song of Solomon out loud as the candle is burning.




Sold as a Curio. For external use only. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Deadly Attraction

Girllll, lemme tell you. Since i started using this oil i have gotten more attention at work, got random starbucks, compliments... im very pleased and will order again. Even my ex was hot and bothered around me, one thing led to another... you know... anyway, i recommend.


Just got this oil and wanted to experiment a little. I put it on yesterday and said, the only person I intend NOT to hear from is my ex husband. Okay. I was only thinking in terms of people I had ever had something like a romantic relationship with. I don't know why. I didn't invest a lot of energy or effort, did no spell. A few minutes ago a guy who was interested in me, who I knew vaguely from a group hike and fb, and who I had unfriended and discontinued contact with because of a misogynistic post, found me again and messaged me. Out of nowhere. So with no effort I figure the oil went after low-hanging fruit. Experiment was successful. And I'd say the oil is pretty powerful considering that I invested no effort at all. Now I can use it more intentionally. Will probably update later with more results.


Still waiting on it to work , to bring back my ex in my life

Bryan Coates

Love the oils I buy


Not working doesn’t smell great