Purification 3 Spell Ritual Kit for Cleansing & Banishing Negativity

Brand: Art of the Root

Product Code: ARSPK211

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Our Purification 3 Spell Kit was designed to help you rid yourself and home of negative energy. Our kit includes 3 chime candles, 3 spells, 3 anointing oils ½ oz (Purification, Dragon’s Blood & Psychic Cleansing), a 2 oz package of Psychic Cleansing Bath Salts, a 1 oz package of Purification herbs, a 1 oz package of crushed eggshells and a mini sage smudge (for use in two spells). The goal of this kit is to help dispel any negativity that may be preventing you from moving forward. The herbs and oils featured in our kit are also known to help cleanse the mind and release negative emotions, making it a powerful tool to let go of old relationships or situations that no longer benefit you.

Sold as a Curio. Keep away from Pets & Children.