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Purification 3 Spell Ritual Kit for Cleansing & Banishing Negativity

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Our Purification 3 Spell Ritual Kit was designed to help you rid yourself and your home of negative energy. The goal of this kit is to help dispel any negativity that may be preventing you from moving forward. The herbs and oils featured in our kit are also known to help cleanse the mind and release negative emotions, making it a powerful tool to let go of old relationships or situations that no longer benefit you. 

What does our Purification 3 Spell Ritual Kit do:

  • Cleanse energy by clearing away stress and mental and emotional fog.
  • Help clear the mind in order to break past ties, end unhealthy relationships, and let go of past negative experiences.
  • Banish negativity from environments, energies, and auras.  
  • Remove blocks and obstacles and help eliminate setbacks and barriers.


What is included in our Purification 3 Spell Ritual Kit:

Our kit includes 3 chime candles, 3 spells, 3 anointing oils ½ oz. (Purification, Dragon’s Blood & Psychic Cleansing), a 2 oz. package of Psychic Cleansing Bath Salts, a 1 oz package of Purification herbs, a 1 oz. package of crushed eggshells and a mini sage smudge (for use in two spells). 




Sold as a Curio. Keep away from Pets and Children. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

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Jenelle McCray
Worked great

Worked great GOD is Good..

I followed the instructions and when I released it as I was told I went to a body of moving water and several ducks came towards me aggressively, and soon as I threw the bag they left me alone and other ducks got out of the water 😳

Marie Underwood

Thank you so very much will help you done I love your products

Carliene Thompson

Everything was great

Brightness Mthembu

Purification 3 Spell Ritual Kit for Cleansing & Banishing Negativity

Renee Taylor

I appreciate you and your wonderful customer service. I received all the products. Thank you