Wicked Temptress Shea Herbal Soap Bar with Pheromones for Attraction, Seduction & Passion

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Our Wicked Temptress Shea Herbal Soap includes a special blend of all-natural ingredients known to stimulate the senses and incite desire. It is a powerful blend to use before a date, social function, or simply to draw that special someone to you! Use it next time you want to be the queen of the ball, but don't say we didn't warn you! Our Wicked Temptress Shea Herbal Soap Bar is approximately 4 oz. and it smells amazing!!  

What does Wicked Temptress Shea Herbal Soap do:

  • Enhance sexuality and arouse passion in romantic love interests.
  • Stimulate attraction and make the user utterly tantalizing.
  • Draw love interests right to you.
  • Evoke the attention of potential love interests and bring passion to current relationships.


What are the ingredients in Wicked Temptress Shea Herbal Soap:

Infused with jasmine, neroli, amber, ylang ylang, and hibiscus, our Wicked Temptress Shea Herbal Soap Bar has a rich earthy scent, softened with gentle hints of floral undertones and fresh clementines.




Sold as a Curio. For external use only. Keep away from children and pets. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Devine energy on steroids

Smells amazing without messing with my allergies. I’m known for not wearing the fancy/cheap smell goods because I’ll just be sneezing all day followed by a headache. No problem with these in that area which makes these products top tier goddess must haves. This is one I use almost everyday along with others. Just for it’s energy to get through the day. I clean using black soap then I use Fame & fortune + road opener on my feet. Next on my legs I use anything money drawing/good fortune, anything dealing with money. Then I finish my upper body with this soap, Wicked Temptress. I make sure I get my boobs, under arms, butt crack really good since it’s summer. If ima sweat at least mix it with my own scent for extra power 😅. This soap is gentle enough to use on my face. But I have great skin and not prone to breakouts. If I was I’d just patch test it. Regardless my face feels so amazing afterwards. For extra extra EXTRA power, I was my whole body with it, air dry while doing mirror magic. I did this before a date, didn’t wear any makeup, hair wasn’t to my liking, but my outfit was cute, and I felt so confident the whole day and during my date! Usually I’m a nervous mess especially with someone I’m really interested in!! Oh! I used a tad bit of jezebel soap too. Ok ok long story short the date was perfect! He enjoyed my energy, laughed at my jokes, paid for everything and gave me some extra money just because lol 😈 Do yourself a favor and get this! Also besides the date, overall I get a boost of confidence when washing with this. I wish there was an oil too, can you imagine!? But I follow it with gold digger & bad ass bitch for extra umpth. Usuing different combinations of their products are so fun! Like, what can I manifest today honey! Pheromones infused products are really difficult to find so this makes this product even more special to have. Pheromones promotes love. So don’t wear this before the gym, unless that’s your thing lol but don’t say no one warned you of the attention! Lastly, it leaves a nice shimmer to the skin, making it pop when more. Soft & glowing skin!! Hmm I think that’s about it. Oh yeah, GET IT NOW! The picture I’m showing is my current soap I use regularly and I got it 29 days ago, next to a brand new one fresh out the box. Enjoy witches, wizards, & warlocks. 💓

Eleschya Silva

Smells SO good & it works!

Alejandra Silva

The soap smelled and looked amazing. Little specks of glitter. The sent was great. Strong

Love it!

This soap smells absolutely AMAZING! I love the color as well. I used it in the bath last night and I can still smell it on me. Thank you so much!

maureen hayes

I love this soap it smells divine and I definitely get more attention when I use it.