Moss Agate Mala Beads for Abundance and Prosperity - Art Of The Root
Moss Agate Mala Beads for Abundance and Prosperity - Art Of The Root

Moss Agate Mala Beads for Abundance and Prosperity

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Our Moss Agate Crystal Mala Beads are up! Made with 108 hand-selected moss agate crystal beads, our Moss Agate Mala Beads are perfect to use as a powerful tool for manifestation and spiritual growth. Crafted from genuine moss agate crystals, each bead is imbued with the earth's healing energy, abundance, and wisdom. Our Moss Agate Beads are carefully designed to help you in any type of meditation or spiritual practice or can simply be worn for their beauty.

What are the Metaphysical Properties of Moss Agate Crystals?

Moss agate crystal is known for its deep connection to nature. It is revered for promoting abundance, prosperity, and manifestation, and it is often used to attract wealth, prosperity, and success. Moss agate is also associated with the heart chakra, encouraging emotional healing and inner peace. As a stone of new beginnings, it can be used to break through any type of emotional blockage.

How to use our Moss Agate Crystal Mala Beads


To use our Moss Agate Mala Beads, find a quiet and comfortable space where you won't be interrupted. Hold the mala beads in your dominant hand and gently grab the bead at the center of the strand. As you breathe in, gently move your fingers to each bead with every breath. Recite a mantra, affirmation, or prayer as you touch each bead. After you finally work your way around the mala, take a moment to be present. Focus on your body and breadth as you reflect on what you wish to achieve. Take time to feel grateful. Then, if you wish, move your hands.

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Mia Torres

It’s really good quality. I love it.