Moon Magic Spell Kit for Power, Intuition, Hidden Knowledge & Divination

Brand: Art of the Root

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Draw down the power of the moon with our Moon Spell Kit. Moon energy can be a powerful source of energy to utilize during a ritual. Whether it is for drawing new things in or simply ridding yourself of negative energy, moon magic can enhance your intentions and bring them to fruition. We’ve added a number of our favorite moon-related products including 3 anointing oils: Moon Magic, Dream & Psychic Intuition, 3 blue taper candles, a small 2 x 2 mirror, 1 rainbow moonstone crystal, our moon herbal blend, 3 charcoal discs and 3 original Art of the Root Spells. 

Our Moon Spell Kit features herbs, oils and floral botanicals that are revered for their ability to work in conjunction with the moon phases. Poppy, mallow, lotus and myrrh are just a few of the herbs included in our blends. These can help you align with your own inner wisdom, knowledge and intuition. The moon can serve as a powerful mirror into the soul. This body of knowledge reinforces the efforts you put into your rituals and spells. The moon can take your intentions and magnify them. Moon rituals can help you manifest your goals and help release obstacles or challenges that may be holding you back.

Sold as a curio. All oils are for external use only. Keep away from children & pets.