Moon Magic Oil for Intuition, Power, Hidden Mysteries & Moon Goddess Invocations

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Channel the powerful energy of the moon with Moon Magic Oil. Moon energy is so versatile and is used for tapping into your unconscious thoughts, gaining knowledge, for charging ritual items, for cleansing, enhancing spells, and for manifesting anything you wish!  Humans have a natural connection to the moon phases and have lived in tune with the energies of the moon for ages. Moon Magic Oil helps connect you to this energy and enhance it. No matter what phase of the moon, there are rituals to perform to help achieve your goals and live your life in tune with its energy flows and astrological path. It comes in a ½ oz glass bottle. 

What does Moon Magic Oil do:

  • Help connect one to the energy and power of the moon to aid in manifestations and rituals.
  • Strengthen the ability to become more in tune with one's astrological path.
  • Charge talismans, oils, runes, pendulum, and any magical tools or ingredients.
  • Create an environment perfect for accessing one's inner thoughts and feelings and for stimulating the third eye and crown chakra.
  • Cleanse the energy in a space, environment, or within a person or situation.


What are the ingredients in Moon Magic Oil:

Moon Magic Oil is loaded with oils, herbs, and resins known to help draw the power of the moon to your spells. We have added some of our favorite moon-related herbs and oils such as poppy flowers, mallow flowers, myrrh, lotus, and many others. 


What types of rituals to perform during each phase of the moon:

The New Moon is when the moon is not visible to the naked eye. This is the best time to perform rituals for new beginnings, looking for a job, love and romance, banishing, psychic energy, and healing; the theme being “new.”

The Waxing Moon is when the moon is less than half full and growing in size.  This is the best time to perform spells for growth, initiation, enhancement, control, and new projects or endeavors.  Also for friendship, wealth, courage, and luck. “Increase” is the keyword with the increasing size of the Waxing Moon.

The Full Moon has the most energy of all the phases. It is the perfect time for many rituals including those for finding a job, money, passion, legal issues, fruition of manifestations, perfecting ideas and projects, creativity, divination, protection, nurturing, and serious healing.

The Waning Moon is when the moon is less than half full and decreasing. This is the time for scrying (discovering hidden knowledge or visions), wisdom, reversing spells, removing unwanted negative energies, thwarting addiction or illness, and releasing or cutting ties with attachments.


How to use Moon Magic Oil in a Spell or Ritual:

For a simple moon ritual we suggest you do the following ritual to supercharge all of your magical efforts and intentions:

You will need:

A mirror (you need to be able to lie it flat down).

A blue or silver candle.

Moon Magic Oil.

Find a place in your home where you can safely place a mirror on a flat surface near a window. First, get your mirror and lay it down face up. Take your index finger and dab it with a few drops of Moon Oil. In a clockwise movement draw a circle with your finger and oil directly on the face of the mirror (this empowers and amplifies your intentions).  Next, get your blue candle, and depending on your intention draw the oil up (for drawing things in) or down (for pushing things out) the candle. Place your candle in an appropriate candle holder and place it within the circle on your mirror. Focus on your intention and say a prayer or intention. It is also wise to leave the Moon Oil out as part of this ritual. It will amplify its power and charge it with energy for future use.




Sold as a Curio. For external use only. Keep away from children and pets. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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William Bozeman
Purest ingredients

Love these products crafted with intent and the purest of ingredients. Always a win with your products!

Erina Timpano
Works Perfectly!

This oil is perfect for New Moon & Full Moon rituals. Also to maximize your intentions you set when doing candle divination.

Kristy K.
Moon Magic Oil

I purchased the Moon Magic Oil along with the Dragons Blood Candle and Oil. I’m a Goddess of the Night so these were great for my purposes!! The items arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The Moon oil is gonna be a great addition on the Full Moons! And it smells SOOOO good!! I’m very happy with my purchases!! And will be ordering again!!


This has such a wonderful smell and works!!!! Used it for my new moon ritual awesome vibe. Will order again so happy!