Money 3 OIL SET with Money Drawing, Wealthy Way & King Midas Oils (Wiccan Pagan Conjure) - Art of the Root
Money 3 OIL SET with Money Drawing, Wealthy Way & King Midas Oils (Wiccan Pagan Conjure) - Art of the Root

Money 3 OIL SET with Money Drawing, Wealthy Way & King Midas Oils (Wiccan Pagan Conjure)

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Our Money 3 Oil Set contains three ½ oz. bottles of our most powerful money and prosperity drawing oils. This set starts with our Money Drawing Oil which is great to use when seeking financial abundance and security. Use this oil in money drawing divination rituals aimed at producing wealth, prosperity, and financial success. Then move on to our King Midas Oil. This oil has a beautiful golden sparkle and can multiply your finances and create abundant riches! Wealthy Way Oil rounds out the trio. This powerful oil was developed to help manifest money and success. It is perfect to use in ritual and spell work when seeking financial freedom.  

What does our Money 3 Oil Set do:

  • Aid in attaining financial success and security.
  • Help one get a better paying job, be approved for loans, get a promotion, win games of chance, pay the bills, and put money in your pocket.
  • Draw abundance, prosperity, and wealth.
  • Manifest money, business success, new financial opportunities, and freedom from debt.


How to use our Money 3 Oil Set:

Money Oil Set is three of our favorite money drawing oils at a fabulous price!  These oils work well together whether mixed, or used separately. These oils are perfect to use in rituals targeted at eliminating debt, getting loans, and even when seeking job raises and promotions. Have fun with this set and be on your way to abundance!  




Sold as a curio.  For external use only.  Keep away from children and pets. All Art of the Root Products are handmade daily in the USA.


Customer Reviews

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Potent oils! Take your money manifesting to the next level!

Money Drawing Oil was one of the first AOTR purchases I made a year ago. It's one of my favourite oils and it really does help attract more money-making opportunities or draw in cash, checks and online deposits. I love to wipe my doors and desk with it every first day of the month and each Thursday. I apply some on dollar bills with a bay leaf and sprinkle cinnamon in my wallet too.

After purchasing the Money oil set I was introduced to Wealthy Way and King Midas. Both have really wonderful but different scents.

King Midas is the real deal!! Very potent. I can't explain it but King Midas oil smells rich and how I imagine financial wealth feels. Every time I use the King Midas oil it's an instant mood booster, it's very uplifting, alluring and encouraging. I had my roommate smell my full collection of AOTR oils (I have about 14) and she had the biggest magnetism towards King of Midas. She even asked if it was available as a candle, spray or soap! My friend who came to stay with me this week used it and she's now obsessed as well. The bottle also has flecks of gold sparkles which is very fun.

I haven't had as much of an olfactory response to the Wealthy Way oil but I've been applying it to cash, check envelopes and believe that in conjunction with the other oils and saying my prayers/affirmations that it's upleveling and supporting my money mindset, overall mood and weekly money rituals. It's been 2 weeks with the whole set and honestly in addition to my continued financial education and budget tracking I am having a good money month.

If you've read this far you know what to do. Add it to your cart and click 'purchase'.
Thanks AOTR!! 🤑❤️🙏🏾


Works like magic if your positive

Sheena Anderson

Money 3 OIL SET with Money Drawing, Wealthy Way & King Midas Oils (Wiccan Pagan Conjure)


Love all their products


It works!!